Course NameLength
Big Data For Project and Program Managers Training3 days
Change Management Training2 days
Channel Management Training3 days
Corporate Social Responsibility Training2 days
CPM Training, Critical Path Method3 days
Decision Making Training for Project and Program Managers3 days
Engineering Project Management Training3 days
Look Ahead Schedule Training2 days
PMI Certification Preparation Training Boot Camp4 days
Portfolio Management Fundamentals Training3 days
Principles of Organization Management Training3 days
Product Management Bootcamp Training4 days
Product Management Training2 days
Project Management Fundamentals2 days
Project Stakeholders Management Training3 days
SharePoint for Project Management Training3 days
Systems Engineering Project Management Training2 days

Product and Project Management Training

Perhaps because product manager and project manager sound similar, people often confuse their job functions.

So here’s another way of thinking of it: What’s the difference between a product and a project? That’s not too confusing. A project manager is someone who manages timing, dates and communication for the people involved in the project. Whereas a product manager is responsible for the success of the product itself.

Both the product management and project management areas are crucial to organizations. Product managers bring the many departments of a company together to focus on the whole point of the company’s existence: the product. Therefore a product manager needs to be focused and have excellent communication skills because of intense collaborations with the sales, marketing, customer success and support teams.

These are the teams that need to nail the overall business goals, in terms of revenue, competitive advantage and customer satisfaction.

An effective product manager has a vision of what a product’s success will look like and how to get there.  That vision launches a strategy for product success and hopefully a reality.

Project managers focus more on the execution side of a product. They develop project timelines and make sure development teams hit important deadlines and goals. These responsibilities include:

  • Planning and resource scheduling – Adding up tasks with a start and end date and assigning employees to them.
  • Risk and issue management – Minimizing potential risks that could jeopardize a project.
  • Resource scheduling – Daily management of tasks.
  • Scope management – Favorably modifying the project scope and bringing it in line with the initial set outcome.

Product and Project Management Training Courses by Tonex

Tonex offers 16 Product and Project Management Training Courses that focus on a wide range of Product/Project Management topics, including strategic roles and why these positions are critical.

Some of our most popular, cutting-edge courses:

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Product and Project Management Training