Length: 2 Days
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5G AI & Digital Twins

5g ai digital twins

AI and 5G are supercharging what digital twins can do.

In fact, AI and Digital Twins are transforming how products are being designed, manufactured and maintained. The combination of the technologies provides with forensic insights into our increasingly complex and interconnected world.

By deploying digital twins and AI, organizations acquire granular insights into their operations, facultative them to realize important advantages spanning price savings, potency gains and improved property efforts.

Product quality is additionally increased through a discount in defects and also the accelerated resolution of problems throughout the lifecycle. additionally, innovation will increase through additional frequent and comprehensive development.

A Digital Twin may be a digital illustration of a real-world entity or system. knowledge from multiple digital twins may be aggregative for a composite read across variety of real-world entities, like an influence plant or a town, and their connected processes.

AI enhances digital twins, sanctioning the technology to appear at what-if eventualities and run simulations, providing antecedently untouchable insights. This improved situational awareness of cause and result supports a lot of agile and property decision-making.

Most consultants during this space believe that 5G along side AI and digital twin technology can play key roles in future technological advances like good cities. Digital twins and AI can particularly play very important roles as cities try to scale back their environmental impact. 5G, AI and digital twins will produce a virtual emulation to assist planners perceive a way to scale back congestion, emissions, pollution and different challenges by analyzing information from varied sources and testing totally different variables within the virtual model.

Bottom line for organizations is inflated gain. However it goes on the far side that. hopped-up by 5G, digital twin and AI technology give insights that no human might on instrumentality health and future safety risk.

Leveraging each digital and AI, together with each other, centers businesses in a very sound position to tackle a number of the old challenges in plant operations in new and simpler ways in which.

The digital twin creates virtual copies of physical locations, plant processes, business processes moreover as assets, and, paired with AI, permits plant operators to search out price inside plant information that they will then leverage to drive improvement across varied operations.

The two technologies primarily capture everything that’s happening within the plant and, with the info insights they supply, will facilitate plant operators reach higher operational choices that cause greater operational excellence.

Yet another 5G AI digital twin profit comes within the space of coaching. Virtual coaching simulators have an enormous profit, sort of a pilot trainer will for pilots. this can be because of the numerous risky plant eventualities together with shutdowns, startups and, of course, emergency response procedures. Virtual exercises square measure a lot of safer and price economical than real-life observe.

5G AI & Digital Twins Course by Tonex

5G AI & Digital Twins is a 2 days course by Tonex. 5G and AI are the 2 most essential elements that strongly fuel future innovations, and they are inherently synergistic. AI advancements can help improve. Digital Twins: New Technology That Has Doubled in Importance Digital Twins have become doubly important to organizations. Key principles of Digital Twins and how it relates to integration of digital engineering, modeling and simulations, AI/ML, 3D and integration for service and product-related data and systems.

Do you want to know what role will Artificial Intelligence have in the mobile networks of the future? Leading service providers share their AI experiences, challenges and future plans. Data-driven support. Engineered intelligence. Proven network results. Smarter site engineering.

5G will enhance the speed and integration of other technologies, while AI will allow machines and systems to function with intelligence levels similar to that.

5G AI & Digital Twins

Who Should Attend

Course recommended for

  • Network Engineer & Architect
  • Product engineer & designer
  • Systems engineer
  • Healthcare technician
  • Mechanical/ Trouble-shooting professional 
  • Engineering Project management chief
  • RF engineers & scientists,
  • Software testing engineers, analysts,
  • Engineering managers,
  • Antenna technicians,
  • Field measurement technicians
  • Project planners


  • 5G AI Digital Twins Training will help you to understand 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Twins.
  • How All we believe that AI 5G will open up exciting opportunities for the mobile communications sector, as it can be utilized to create a more personal approach.
  • Understand why organizations from healthcare and facilities management to product design have turned to digital twin technology.
  • Learn how Digital Twins have been particularly useful in the manufacturing sector, where comparing products and their manufacturing conditions can help identify why some batches have more variability, defects, or inefficiencies.


Program Outline

  • Fundamentals of 5G
  • 5G Networks, Integration, Migration
  • Machine Learning for MIMO
  • Intelligent Deployment
  • Digital Twin 101
  • Types of Digital Twins
  • Digital Twin Market and Industries
  • Practical Applications

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