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Why should you choose Big Data Training course offered by TONEX?


Big Data Training provides the knowledge to understand, analyze, manage and use new Big Data. Big Data tools are introduced.  Participants will learn how to store information for efficient processing and analysis when it comes to informed and intelligent business decision-making.

Learn the procedures and methods to identify, store, manage, process and analyze massive amounts of unstructured data, picking the right data is even more important. Learn how to define target or goal and subsequently establishing disciplined parameters and key indicators for the data you want to collect or process.

Big data is the next frontier optimizing innovation, competition, performance
and productivity. Big data training focuses on the building blocks defining and managing large complex datasets, that are difficult to capture, store, manage, and analyze.

Learn about infrastructure administration, management, development, maintenance and analysis. Understand the elements of storage, cloud computing, Apache Hadoop, and business intelligence to gain skills to benefit from big data.

Big data in many sectors today will range from a few dozen terabytes to multiple petabytes (thousands of terabytes).

Learn about the basics of Big Data and its application, Big Science, Science and research, Government, Private Sector, Health Care, Retail and Mobile.

This course is intended for individuals seeking to develop an understanding of
Big Data, Data Science from the perspective of a practicing Data Scientist, including:

  • Managers and team members of of business intelligence (BI), analytics, and big data professionals
  • Business and Data Analysts professionals want to learn about big data analytics and add that to their skills.
  • Data and database professionals interested in exploitation of their analytic skills in a big data environment
  • Anyone with similar related discipline looking to move into the world of Data Science and big data.
  • Data analysts, program and project managers, executives, programmers, architects, system administrators and data analysts who want a sound technical and management overview of the key elements  needed to understand, manage and analyze Big Data.


Course Content

Introduction to Big Data

  • What is Big Data?
  • Big Data defined
  • Structured and unstructured data
  • What is Big science?
  • Benefits of Big Data
  • Demands of big data
  • Impact on business decisions
  • Elements of Big Data
  • Challenges of identifying and extracting useful data
  • Role of cloud computing, storage and distributed processing
  • Data and analytics
  • Data Science and Big Data analytics
  • Big Data Technologies & Frameworks
  • Architecture and technologies for big data paradigm
  • Apache Hadoop

Big Data Technologies

  • Systems and IT infrastructure
  • Real-time information flowing
  • Security
  • Privacy and data protection
  • Policies
  • Governance
  • Storage
  • Cloud
  • Analytics solutions

Big Data Requirements and Procedures

  • Procedures for Storing, processing and analyzing data
  • Big Data Stores
  • Dealing with data volume
  • Integrating Big Data with traditional data
  • Storing Big Data
  • Analyzing your data characteristics
  • Big Data stores
  • Evaluating and electing Big Data stores
  • Processing Big Data
  • Techniques for integration of disparate data stores
  • Hadoop MapReduce

Selection of tools and  Techniques to Analyze Big Data

  • Developing a Big Data Strategy
  • Achieving competitive advantage
  • Decision making techniques with Big Data
  • Prioritizing the value of data
  • TONEX Big Data strategy framework
  • Statistical analysis of Big Data

Big Data Management

  • Implementing a Big Data Solution
  • Vendor products
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Cloudera
  • EMC
  • IBM
  • VMware


Mobile And Big Data — The Intersection Of The Internet’s Two Defining Trends


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