Length: 1 Day
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DO-326A Training,  Aviation Cybersecurity Considerations Training by Tonex

DO-326A Training,  Aviation Cybersecurity Considerations is a 2-day training program will introduce participants to DO-326A , ED-202A and Airworthiness Security Process Specification.

This comprehensive DO-326A Training by Tonex focuses on the critical aspects of aviation cybersecurity, specifically addressing DO-326A and ED-202A standards. Participants will gain a deep understanding of the evolving threat landscape in aviation and the necessary measures to ensure robust cybersecurity practices.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the key principles and requirements of DO-326A and ED-202A standards.
  • Identify potential cybersecurity threats specific to the aviation industry.
  • Learn effective strategies for risk assessment and mitigation in aviation cybersecurity.
  • Explore the implementation of secure software development practices in aviation systems.
  • Gain insights into the integration of cybersecurity considerations in the aviation supply chain.
  • Acquire skills to develop and maintain a resilient cybersecurity framework compliant with industry standards.

Audience: This course is designed for aviation professionals, cybersecurity experts, system architects, engineers, and individuals involved in the development, maintenance, and management of aviation systems and infrastructure.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Introduction to DO-326A and ED-202A

  • Overview of DO-326A and ED-202A standards
  • Regulatory landscape in aviation cybersecurity
  • Importance of compliance with industry standards
  • Key components of DO-326A and ED-202A
  • Integration of cybersecurity into aviation processes
  • Case studies highlighting the impact of non-compliance

Module 2: Aviation Cybersecurity Threat Landscape

  • Identification of potential threats in aviation
  • Common vulnerabilities in aviation systems
  • Analysis of real-world cybersecurity incidents
  • Understanding threat actors in the aviation sector
  • Threat intelligence and information sharing
  • Emerging trends in aviation cybersecurity threats

Module 3: Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategies

  • Techniques for risk assessment in aviation systems
  • Quantitative and qualitative risk analysis methods
  • Prioritization of cybersecurity risks
  • Development and implementation of mitigation plans
  • Incident response planning and execution
  • Continuous monitoring for evolving risks

Module 4: Secure Software Development Practices

  • Best practices for secure software development in aviation
  • Secure coding principles and guidelines
  • Integration of cybersecurity into the software development life cycle
  • Code review and vulnerability assessment
  • Secure deployment and maintenance practices
  • Compliance with aviation software security standards

Module 5: Cybersecurity in the Aviation Supply Chain

  • Evaluation of cybersecurity risks in the aviation supply chain
  • Supplier assessment and selection criteria
  • Contractual agreements and cybersecurity requirements
  • Monitoring and auditing supply chain cybersecurity
  • Supply chain incident response planning
  • Collaborative approaches to supply chain security

Module 6: Developing a Resilient Cybersecurity Framework

  • Establishing a robust cybersecurity framework for aviation
  • Governance and management of cybersecurity policies
  • Compliance monitoring and auditing processes
  • Continuous improvement in cybersecurity practices
  • Training and awareness programs for aviation staff
  • Case studies showcasing successful cybersecurity frameworks in aviation



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