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Length: 3 Days
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Fiber Optic Communications Training Course

Fiber Optic Communications Training is a three-day training covering Fiber Optic Communication principles and fiber optic communication system. Learn how light wave technology can be used to transmit large bandwidth data over a optical fiber media by changing electronic signals into light. Optical fiber is used by many telecom and networking systems and networks to transmit telephony, data, video, multimedia and TV  signals.

Fiber optics or optical fibers are long, thin strands of very pure glass about the size of a human hair,  arranged in bundles called optical cables and used to transmit signals over long distances.

This course provides a comprehensive account of fiber-optic communication systems.

Learning Objective

The objective of this class is to provide basic Fiber Optic Communications training for In-Service Engineering, installation, and design support to engineers and technicians.

Methods of Learning

The methods of learning should consist of a visual presentations, textbooks, discussions and involvement of all students in practical exercises, to include hands-on splicing, termination, and testing experience.

Target Audience

The intended audience for this course is hired and intermediate level engineers, technicians, logisticians, supervisors and managers in the area of networks and digital systems.

Course Agenda

Introduction and Executive Summary

  • Basic Concepts
  • Optical Communication Systems
  • Lightwave System Component
  • Optical Fibers and Optical Transmitters
  • Optical Receivers and Lightwave Systems
  • System Architecture and Design Guideline

Fiber Optic Principles

  • Operating principles
  • Theories
  • Vernacular
  • Current technology
  • Application of fiber optic
  • Advancements

Components of Fiber Optic

  • Splicing and fiber termination techniques
  • Equipment
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Testing
  • Maintenance
  • Safety precautions

Loss Management

  • Optical Signal-To-Noise Ratio.
  • Dispersion Management
  • Advanced Lightwave Systems
  • Optical Signal Processing

Fiber Optics Transmission

  • Elements of Optical Transmission
  • Types of Optical Fiber
  • Multi Mode vs. Single Mode
  • Optical-to-Electrical Transducers
  • Bandwidth-Distance Factor & Dispersion
  • Optical Source and Detectors Source and Detectors
  • Sensitivity

Course Summary and Reviews




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