Length: 2 Days
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Side-Channel Analysis Course by Tonex

The Side-Channel Analysis Course offers participants an in-depth understanding of hardware vulnerabilities and the techniques to analyze and mitigate side-channel leakages. Participants will learn how to identify and exploit various side-channels, including timing, power, electromagnetic emanation (EM), and micro-architectural vulnerabilities like SPECTRE, MELTDOWN, and FORESHADOW. Through practical demonstrations and hands-on exercises, participants will gain expertise in conducting side-channel analysis, assessing leakage risks, and implementing effective countermeasures to minimize unintended side-channel leakages in their products.


The course is suitable for hardware engineers, security professionals, embedded system designers, and individuals involved in the development and evaluation of hardware products. It is beneficial for professionals seeking in-depth knowledge and practical skills in side-channel analysis, particularly in the areas of timing, power, electromagnetic emanation, and micro-architectural vulnerabilities. Prior knowledge of hardware systems, cryptography, and basic security concepts is recommended.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the principles and significance of side-channel analysis.
  • Identify and exploit timing, power, electromagnetic, and micro-architectural side-channels.
  • Assess leakage risks and quantify side-channel leakages.
  • Implement countermeasures to mitigate side-channel vulnerabilities.
  • Utilize side-channel analysis techniques and tools effectively.
  • Evaluate and design secure hardware architectures to minimize leakages.
  • Document side-channel analysis findings and communicate recommendations.
  • Provide guidance on minimizing unintended side-channel leakages.

Course Outline:

Introduction to Side-Channel Analysis

  • Overview of side-channel attacks and their significance
  • Different types of side-channels and their characteristics
  • Legal and ethical considerations in side-channel analysis

Timing-Based Side-Channel Analysis

  • Timing-based attacks and their exploitation techniques
  • Analyzing timing leakage in hardware systems
  • Countermeasures to mitigate timing side-channels

Power-Based Side-Channel Analysis

  • Power analysis attacks and their methodologies
  • Assessing power leakage in hardware devices
  • Implementing power-based countermeasures

Electromagnetic (EM) Side-Channel Analysis

  • Understanding electromagnetic emanation (EM) vulnerabilities
  • Analyzing EM leakages and extracting sensitive data
  • Techniques to mitigate electromagnetic side-channels

Micro-architectural Side-Channel Vulnerabilities

  • Overview of micro-architectural vulnerabilities (e.g., SPECTRE, MELTDOWN)
  • Analyzing and exploiting micro-architectural leakages
  • Countermeasures to mitigate micro-architectural side-channels

Side-Channel Analysis Techniques and Tools

  • Practical side-channel analysis methodologies
  • Selection and configuration of side-channel analysis tools
  • Conducting side-channel analysis experiments

Leakage Risk Assessment and Evaluation

  • Assessing side-channel leakage risks in hardware products
  • Quantifying and measuring side-channel leakages
  • Evaluating the impact of side-channel vulnerabilities

Countermeasures and Mitigation Strategies

  • Implementing countermeasures to minimize side-channel leakages
  • Designing and evaluating secure hardware architectures
  • Best practices for side-channel mitigation

Side-Channel Analysis Reporting and Recommendations

  • Documenting side-channel analysis findings
  • Communicating risks and recommendations to stakeholders
  • Providing guidance on minimizing unintended side-channel leakages


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