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Telecom Billing Training Course is the guide to telecommunications billing. The outline encompasses the entire end-to-end billing processes, with major focus on the interfaces with OSS/BSS, network management, finance, marketing, mediation, rating, tariffs, pricing, interconnection, access management, dispute management, negotiations, settlements, and customer support.

Why should you choose TONEX for your Telecom Billing Training?

Telecom Billing Training course offers a comprehensive introduction to fundamentals of Telecoms Billing, charging, Interconnect Billing, IP Billing, VoIP, TAP, prepaid and postpaid, roaming, GSM Billing, UMTS Billing, LTE, 5G and IoT Billing.

Telecom Billing Training is an integrated training solution for all facets of a telecom billing from services to managing the entire billing operation.

The course also covers convergent charging and telecom billing that covers the concepts of integrated solution for voice, data, and content, prepaid and postpaid convergence, on fixed, mobile, cable, and IP networks.

Operational Support System (OSS) concepts in relations to the billing discusses automation and integration with other platforms including Real time integrated provisioning with several platforms.

The course also touches the concepts behind  Integrated CRM solution along with flow through Order Entry, Provisioning and Billing. Revenue Assurance and Fraud concepts are covered to understand how  to capture real time view of revenue, cost and profitability.


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Who Should Attend

Designed for technical professionals, non technical , operations, sales and marketing telecom professionals.Those new to billing from telecom, IT, finance, user and vendor communities. Those billing professionals who need an update and refresher on developments in the billing process for IP networks, and Wireless, Marketing, sales and sales support from billing systems vendors, integrators and consultants


  • Overview of the modern telecommunications industry
  • Industry trends in software, hardware and services
  • Challenges facing new entrants
  • How the perception of the billing system is changing
  • Examples & illustrations of various types of call completion and how usage data is captured



  • The service order process
  • Mediation and message processing
  • Rating and pricing
  • Billing and collection - invoicing the customer
  • Other uses for billing data
  • Industry issues
  • Mobile billing issues
  • Customer care
  • Billing mediation

Boundaries and interfaces

  • Defining the major areas of Billing Support Systems (BSS)
  • The end-to-end generic billing process flow
  • Interfacing and co-dependent critical systems OSS, finance...
  • Key billing system information at the service provider, customer and account levels
  • How the levels are linked to support billing processes.

The service order process

  • Acquiring customers and gathering their information:
  • Validation & accuracy checks
  • Establishing services & billing accuracy
    • Credit checking options
    • Information security issues
    • Taxation
    • Data structures

Mediation and message processing

  • Defining the range of measured network events:
  • Voice Call; Page/Short Message Service; Data streams, etc.
  • Explaining the key information required for each measured option
  • Co-ordinating network changes with billing
  • Audit procedures that ensure successful network changes

Rating and pricing

  • Typical pricing concepts & data elements of billing:
  • Access-rental; usage; enhanced services; miscellaneous charges, etc
  • Local toll and wireless boundaries
  • A review of rating logic
  • Packaged services
  • Pre-paid services
  • Regulatory and competitive issues

Billing and collection invoicing the customer

  • Typical invoice formats and their content
  • The bill as an effective marketing and collection tool
  • The effects of inaccurate invoicing
  • The problems, methods and costs of invoice distribution
  • Overview of collection systems & collection agency considerations
  • Leading approaches for Internet invoicing and payment processing

Other uses for billing data

  • Employing customer profile and call detail information for financial & marketing reports, subscriber analysis and network analysis
  • Restrictions on the use of subscriber information

Industry issues

  • Long term issues
  • Emerging issues:

Mobile and IP billing issues

  • IP billing issues
  • Roaming administration and settlement
  • Global roaming
  • Churn management
  • Major account consolidation
  • GSM billing
  • CDMA billing
  • GPRS billing
  • SMS/MMS billing
  • UMTS and LTE billing
  • CDMA2000 billing
  • WiMAX Billing
  • Billing for xDSL and Triple Play Services
  • Conent Billing

The End to End IP Billing Process

  • IP revenue models
  • Advertising
  • Convergence
  • IP mediation
  • The new IP interfaces
  • IPDR - Internet Protocol Detail Record: the organization, standards and specification
  • Extraction and presentation of content
  • Event record completion, repair and enhancement
  • Quality and Grade of Service
  • Recording
  • Monitoring
  • Billing
  • Compensation
  • Interoperability between circuit switched and IP networks
  • Rating
  • By flat rate and usage
  • By content
  • By volume
  • By access point name (APN)
  • By location
  • By revenue share
  • Always on billing

Customer care

  • What do Customer Service Representatives do?
  • How do they do it?
  • What tools do they use?
  • What to consider for large companies?
  • Emerging trends in customer care
  • Effects of billing on day to day customer care
  • Managing the effects of changing rate plans

Billing and Customer care Solutions (Products and Vendors)

Future of Billing

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