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In many circles, 6G technology is being referred to as 6G business because of 6G’s expected impact on commerce.

Managers, team leaders, CEOs and all stakeholders associated with businesses should be coming to terms with what 6G technology can accomplish, even though 6G may not be available until 2030.

That’s because 6G is expected to change so many aspects of business.

Reports on 6G report that unlike 5G and previous generations of wireless technologies aimed at driving network performance toward higher bandwidth, lower latency and greater reliability, 6G is seen as an enabling platform for innovations in:

  • Computing
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Connectivity
  • Sensors
  • Virtualization

6G is designed to meet higher requirements of global coverage, greater spectral efficiency, lower carbon footprint, and more.

Researchers identifies the three types of technology convergence emergent in the 6G vision. First, it explores the convergence of communications and computing known as 6G native intelligence, where AI and computing are integral parts to system architecture.

Second, 6G details the telecommunications convergence by which 6G becomes a network of networks for access technologies to enable seamless information flows between individuals, devices and infrastructures.

The third convergence is described as the unique mix between virtual and physical spaces as we move toward 6G-enabled ecosystems, such as the metaverse.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Fundamentals of 6G for Managers, a 1-day introduction to 6G technology.

Fundamentals of 6G for Managers is not meant to make a technical specialist out of every manager, but to make every manager confident in resolving technical issues and even working with IT staff to make better decisions and to deliver better process change.

Fundamentals of 6G covers the most important aspects of 6G without getting too involved in the technical nitty gritty.

Participants will learn why 6G is receiving so much attention and how it will likely differ from 5G technology.

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