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Agile systems engineering is both flexible and has the ability to change from one state or operating condition to another rapidly, without large switching costs or increases in system complexity.

Agile systems engineering is often characterized as:

  • Flexible, reconfigurable, extensible
  • Scalable in the sense of capacity
  • Flexible in terms of functions and performance levels — such systems can be modified after initial deployment by addition of modules or modification of performance levels

While Agile systems engineering involves frequent informal technical and programmatic reviews, this less formal approach does not equate to less rigor. Instead, greater frequency allows key decision makers and other stakeholders to become more familiar and comfortable with processes, system and operational considerations in the Agile environment, which enables a more collaborative and productive review process.

In an Agile environment, systems engineering requires tailored methods and processes to deliver incremental capabilities, and therefore demands a disciplined approach to coordinating parallel requirements elaboration and prioritization, technical development, operations, and sustainment activities.

Agile systems engineers play an essential role in operational, technical, and programmatic integration, as expressed in the core Agile software development tenet of active collaboration among developers, users, and other stakeholders.

Program leaders must encourage systems engineers to engage developers, testers, users, and other stakeholders in their disciplined engineering processes.

To enable faster, smaller capability deliveries, Agile development requires proactive integration among enterprise architectures, platform architectures, and related development efforts, where each of the stakeholder groups are contributing concerns and opportunities from their constituency for the good of the successful release and system delivery.

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