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Cyber Security Applied to Embedded Systems Training, Embedded Systems Cybersecurity Fundamentals

Cyber Security Applied to Embedded Systems Training is a 2-day training discusses fundamentals of embedded systems and applications of Cyber Security to illustrate  unique vulnerabilities that are commonly exploited. learn about methods and techniques considering cyber security measures in the entire system life cycle and acquisition.

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This course is designed for anyone interested in cybersecurity, analysis, exploiting, and patching vulnerabilities in a real-world embedded systems.

Takeaways from this course include:

  • Examining how to cybersecurity fit in the embedded systems
  • Fundamentals of Cybersecurity
  • Fundamentals of Embedded Systems
  • Fundamentals of embedded system product design cycle, project management, design for production, V&V and O&M
  • Embedded Systems Security Requirements
  • Fundamentals of hardware and firmware analysis and design in embedded design
  • Vulnerabilities in embedded systems
  • Embedded hardware and firmware analysis to detect vulnerabilities
  • Foundational knowledge of cyber security threats, risks, mitigation strategies applied to embedded systems
  • Exploitable vulnerabilities in embedded systems and techniques and strategies for systems engineering embedded systems
  • Communication protocols, wired and wireless networks, information and network attacks and their impact on embedded devices
  • Risk assessment techniques and methodologies and using defensive tools for mitigating risk and vulnerabilities

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