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Cybersecurity Procedures Overview, DoDI 8500.01

Cybersecurity Procedures Overview, DoDI 8500.01 Training designed to introduce you to the modern Cybersecurity Procedures Overview, DoDI 8500.01 topics and train you to apply National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) and DoD standards concepts in order to protect your information system from threats and vulnerabilities.

Cybersecurity Procedures Overview

Protecting the Department of Defense (DoD) networks, systems and data is a complicated ongoing challenge. DoD has recently updated the cybersecurity policy and named it as DoDI 8500.01 by replacing the term “information assurance” to “cybersecurity”. DoD instructions apply to all DoD IT, all DoD information in electronic format and special access program (SAP) information technology.

Cybersecurity Procedures Overview, DoDI 8500.01 Training is designed by our cybersecurity professionals from industry and academia which helps you to establish a DoD cybersecurity program to protect and defend your DoD information technology (IT).

TONEX has served the industry and academia with high quality conferences, seminars, workshops, and exclusively designed courses in systems engineering area and is pleased to inform professional fellows about the recent comprehensive training on software engineering.

This course covers variety of topics in cybersecurity for DoD such as: introduction to DoD cybersecurity program, cybersecurity steps for DoD, cybersecurity risk management, operational resilience, cybersecurity test and evaluation, integration and interoperability. Moreover, learn about cyberspace defense, performance test, DoD information security, DoD identity assurance, DoD information technology, and DoD cybersecurity workforce.

Steps to DoD Cybersecurity Implementation:

  • Risk Management: In this step, NIST standard for risk management, NIST SP 800-53, is applied in order to manage the risk and secure the information system by NIST risk assessment procedure.
  • Operational Resilience: This step helps DoD to identify the trustworthy resources of information and critical program information. Moreover, mission planning is conducted by DoDD 3020.26 standard.
  • Integration and Interoperability: In this step, the standard based approach, NIST SP 800-126 is applied for Security Control Automation Protocol (SCAP).
  • Cyberspace Defense: This step describes the penetration testing, DoD IT protection based on DoD manual O-8530.01, and digital forensic protection.
  • Performance Test: This step takes care of organization mechanisms for cybersecurity and maintaining the accountability.
  • DoD Information Security: Information security for classified information is introduced in this section. Moreover, DoD standards to protect the classified information is described.
  • Identity Assurance: is to manage strategic plans for DoD in order to assure the identity procedures and credentials.
  • DoD Information Technology: Introduces different parts of DoD information systems such as IT services or PIT.

Cybersecurity Procedures Overview, DoDI 8500.01 training by TONEX tries to teach you the ideas, methods, design techniques, tools and management/security approaches in order to develop cybersecurity for DoD IT organizations.


The Cybersecurity Procedures Overview, DoDI 8500.01 training is a 2-day course designed for:

  • IT professionals in the DoD organizations
  • Airforce and Military Personnel in charge of cybersecurity
  • DoD employees and contractors or service providers
  • All DoD personnel in charge of information assurance
  • Authorizing official representatives, chief information officers, senior information assurance officers, information system owners or certifying authorities
  • Employees of federal agencies and the intelligence community
  • Assessors, assessment team members, auditors, inspectors or program managers of information technology area
  • Any individual looking for information assurance implementation for a company based on recent DoD and NIST policies
  • Information system owners, information owners, business owners, and information system security managers

What Will You Learn?

Upon completion of the Cybersecurity Procedures Overview, DoDI 8500.01 training course, the attendees are able to:

  • Understand the life cycle of cybersecurity and different types of threats and vulnerabilities in DoD Information System
  • Learn about different Department of Defense (DoD) Directives and Instructions (DoDD and DoDI)
  • Explain NIST Special Publication (NIST SP) series of publications used for DoD cybersecurity implementation
  • Apply Risk Management Framework (RMF) based on NIST SP 800-37 to DoD information system
  • Understand different steps to cybersecurity for DoD
  • Employ risk management for DoD
  • Characterize the cyber-attack surface
  • Describe Security control Automation Protocol (SCAP)
  • Apply Cyberspace defense techniques based on DoDI 8410.02 to DoD information systems
  • Organize mechanism for cybersecurity of DoD information
  • Secure the classified information and understand information sharing policies
  • Identify DoD approved identity credentials
  • Learn about different layers of DoD Information Technology (DoD IT) such as CIO and PIT

Cybersecurity Procedures Overview


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