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DO-178 And DO-254 Avionic Training Bootcamp

DO-178 And DO-254 Avionic Training Bootcamp provides you with various features of the avionic certification software and hardware. We will teach you the basic notions, rules, techniques, and methodology relevant with these two certifications.

This training course integrates DO-178C (software) and DO-254 (hardware) to help you recognize the precise usage of both DO-178 and DO-254 to various elements within your system. You will learn the true goal of DO-178C and DO-178B industry’s most effective strategies to make them productive.

We will provide you with a concise background of the DO-254 and DO-178C standards so that you have some understanding of how these standards have got to their current state. You will learn what is actually necessary to initiate a project in regards to safety, tools, quality assurance, and configuration management. You also will learn the process of developing DO-178/254 criteria, planning, execution, and confirmation. In addition, you will be introduced to best practices and inhibiting common errors. You will learn how to evaluate DO-254/DO-178 gaps in your organization, as well as approximating the expenses and advantages of using DO-178/254.

Why Should You Choose TONEX for Your DO-178C/DO-254 Training?

  • Our instructors are experienced in both industry and academia
  • Our training course is mostly made of practical exercise
  • Practical exercises include labs, group activities, and hands-on workshops
  • The case studies are chosen from real-world examples and projects

Added Value of the Bootcamp

  • DO-178 & DO-254 background
  • DO-178C/254 principals
  • DO-178C/DO-254 Certification Plans
  • DO178/DO-254 design development
  • DO178/DO-254 implementation
  • DO-178C/DO-254 configuration
DO-178/DO-254 mistakes and how to avoid it
DO-178/DO-254 gap analysis


DO-178 and DO-254 Training bootcamp is a 4-day course designed for:

  • Software Engineers
  • Hardware Engineers
  • Systems Engineers
  • Test Engineers
  • Quality and Process Assurance engineers and managers
  • Project managers
  • Process engineers
  • All individuals involved in DO-178 and DO-245 projects

What Will You Learn?

  • Overview of DO-254 and DO-178
  • Hardware System Synopsis
  • Hardware Synopsis
  • DO-254 Hardware Certification Contemplations
  • Lifecycle of DO-254 Hardware Design
  • DO-254 Hardware Design Planning Process
  • DO-254 Hardware Process Assurance
  • Data Associated with Hardware Design Lifecycle
  • DO-254 Supplemental Considerations
  • DO-254 Certification Timetable
  • Software Synopsis
  • DO-178 Software Certification Considerations
  • DO-178 Software Lifecycle
  • DO-178 Software Lifecycle Data
  • DO-178 Software Supplemental Considerations
  • TONEX Workshop Sample

DO-178 And DO-254 Avionic Training Bootcamp

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