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Embedded software security manages and responds to malicious behavior happening in the system, both during the initialization process and during run time.

Embedded software security features include authentication of a device to a network, firewalling network traffic and stringent hardening of system software to name a few.

As vulnerabilities are identified, software for embedded systems need to be mitigated with patches, which require software updates. Including security in the design phase helps ensure that an embedded system has a way to get updates and is capable of running new software.

Embedded devices are prime targets for hacking. A successful attack can give intruders access to the data produced, received, and processed by them. This can often have serious ramifications for the larger system being powered by the embedded device.

For example, shutting down an embedded device within the F-15 fighter jet, which collects data from various cameras and sensors, could significantly hamper the jet’s defenses.

Embedded security provides the tools, processes, and best practices to secure the software and hardware of embedded devices. 

Cybersecurity professionals recommend that manufacturers incorporate security measures into embedded devices regardless of their memories or storage limitations.

This is important because a lot of the gadgets and machines powered by embedded devices are also connected to the internet. This means that hackers can gain unauthorized access to them, and run malicious code. 

A hack in an embedded device can often spread to other connected components, and/or cripple the entire system. For example, it’s quite possible a cybercriminal could get access to your car by simply gaining control of an embedded device that allows you to put your car on auto-pilot.

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