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“ISO 26262 Automotive Safety FAQ”

ISO 26262 and Functional safety remains the most fundamental concern in automotive development. As disruptive market trends reshape the mobility industry, developers are facing new challenges in ensuring functional safety and ISO 26262.

The latest iteration of the international standard ISO 26262 remains the point of reference that governs functional safety in automotive product and system innovation. This FAQ provides guidance in navigating the regulatory environment around automotive functional safety.

Recently, Tesla was in hot topic with their “Two heads are better than one” news. Truly, Tesla’s approach actually raised questions regarding the legacy auto industry’s approach to safety based on standards such as ISO 26262 and ASIL-D. ISO 26262 is the major safety part in automotive industry.


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AUTOSAR Training2 Days
Automotive Cybersecurity Test and Evaluation (T&E) Training3 Days
Automotive Cybersecurity Training Course3 Days
Automotive Digital Forensic Training4 Days
Automotive Systems Reliability Engineering Training2 Days
Automotive Requirements Engineering and Management3 Days
Automotive System Design Training3 Days
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What is ISO 26262 automotive safety?

ISO 26262 assigns a functional safety development process that automotive OEMs and suppliers must follow. And, document to have their devices qualified to run inside commercial (passenger) vehicles.

How is it originated?

It Derived from IEC 61508 and outlines a risk classification system.

Is automotive ISO 26262 mandatory ?

Yes, ISO 26262 is a standard for the functional safety of vehicle systems which entered into force at the end of 2011 and aims at overall functional safety in vehicles.

What are the benefits ?

In fact, ISO 26262 was a much needed standard that provides multiple benefits to automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers. Read ISO 26262 benefits here

Why people say that ISO 26262 is difficult to accomplish?

That’s true. Because, Adherence to ISO 26262 requires extensive documentation and testing. Later, which can be extremely time-consuming. ISO automotive safety requires that engineers first assess their design software for Tool Confidence Levels.

What terms are important while people start learning it ?

There are several ISO automotive terms are important for you. For example; H&R / HARA, FMEA, FTA, DFA, DRBFM, so on. Read more here

Who should learn ISO 26262 ?

The professionals like system engineers, software engineers and hardware engineers, automotive project managers are mostly recommended to learn it.

What are the most popular and useful ISO Automotive safety courses ?

In this 2021, Automotive safety plays very important role. As automotive industry is getting prosperous with Artificial Intelligence (AI), automated-self driving features, so all the automotive specialists should improve their skill in extended manner. In this regard, people love the way Tonex Training offer automotive training and courses to professionals like you.