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There are many new innovations and Machine Learning Trends that are likely coming to the forefront in 2021.

These include:

  • Automated Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning in Cybersecurity
  • AI Engineering
  • Rise of Ethics

Already, there are many applications of Machine Learning in the industry such as its integration with the Internet of Things and a more prevalent use in industries such as finance, factories and medicine.

According to a Salesforce Research study, 83% of IT leaders believe that Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is changing the customer engagement experience for the better. This clearly shows that ML as a technology is only increasing in popularity.

The heart of machine learning is the algorithm. In data science, an algorithm is a sequence of statistical processing steps.

In machine learning, algorithms are “trained” to find patterns and features in massive amounts of data in order to make decisions and predictions based on new data.

The better the algorithm, the more accurate the decisions and predictions will become as it processes more data.

Today, examples of machine learning are all around us:

  • Digital assistants search the web and play music in response to our voice commands
  • Websites recommend products and movies and songs based on what we bought, watched, or listened to before
  • Robots vacuum our floors
  • Spam detectors stop unwanted emails from reaching our inboxes
  • Medical image analysis systems help doctors spot tumors they might have missed
  • A key component in soon to arrive self-driving cars

Experts in this area are predicting many more applications involving machine learning are on the way, especially as big data keeps getting bigger, computing becomes more powerful and affordable, and as data scientists keep developing more capable algorithms. 

Want to know more about machine learning? Tonex offers two machine learning courses:

Machine Learning Control Training, a 3-day course that covers the fundamentals of machine learning, a form and application of artificial intelligence (AI), and the fundamentals of control theory, an area of engineering related to control of continuously operating dynamical systems in engineered processes and machines.

Machine Learning Training Bootcamp, a 3-day course for data scientists learning about complex theory, algorithms and coding libraries in a practical way with custom examples.

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