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Tonex has teamed up with NASA for a special Engineering Success and Failure Analysis course designed specifically for NASA engineers.

The 3-day course focuses on advanced concepts of project management and systems engineering and their integration in the management of all phases and facets of projects.

Through lectures, discussions and the use of case studies to illustrate topics, participants will learn salient skills as applied to specific job duties. This includes the ability to:

  • Analyze and discuss primary drivers of engineering success and the causes of engineering failures.
  • Summarize the roles of the project manager and systems engineer in successful engineering projects.
  • Identify the primary causes of engineering disasters.
  • Review key indicators of engineering success or failure.
  • List symptoms of failed or failing projects.
  • Evaluate engineering failures, failure analysis and forensic engineering processes and methods.
  • Discuss and evaluate techniques for avoiding design failures.
  • Implement appropriate Failure Analysis Process.
  • List techniques for avoiding design failures.

The Engineering Success and Failure Analysis course is taught by senior Tonex consultant Charles Alexi, a renowned expert in the field of Systems Engineering and Operations. Alexi is recognized internationally for his leadership and dynamic approach in helping organizations accomplish fundamental changes to their Systems Engineering, System of Systems Engineering (SoSE), MBSE, Conps, OCD, Integrated Architecture, Verification and Validation (V&V).

The Tonex Way

Since 1993, over 10,000 people have participated in Tonex technology and management training courses and seminars. These popular technology courses are both current and edgy and have been taught around the world to a diverse section of organizations such as:

·         Companies (Fortune 500 to small businesses in all industries)

·         Government agencies

·         Contractors and System Integrator

·         Defense and Military

·         Educational Institutes, Colleges and Universities

Tonex specializes in presenting highly customized learning solutions and employs over 100 trainers who are experts in their fields with real life experience. Like the class designed for NASA, Tonex trainers are especially adept at  tailoring course agendas to fit the needs of organizations.

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