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Cybersecurity professionals are leaning more on AI technology for real-time threat detection, behavior and prediction analysis.

AI is also useful in cybersecurity circles for anomaly detection based on the established baseline, automation and orchestration of repetitive tasks, better end-point protection automation and more.

By automating routine manual tasks, AI can play a pivotal role in reducing the likelihood of misconfigurations, accidental data leaks, and other inadvertent mistakes that could compromise security.

AI also equips cybersecurity teams with powerful tools and insights that improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

Taking a closer look, AI algorithms, particularly ML and deep neural learning models, can analyze massive volumes of data and identify patterns that human analysts might miss. This ability will facilitate early detection of threats and anomalies, preventing security breaches and allowing systems to become proactive rather than reactive in threat hunting.

AI systems can be trained to run pattern recognition and detect ransomware or malware attacks before they enter the system.

Predictive intelligence paired with natural language processing can scrape news, articles, and studies on emerging cyber threats and cyberattack trends to curate new data, improve functionality, and mitigate risks before they materialize into full-scale attacks.

Additionally, Generative AI not only helps analysts identify potential threats but also understand them better. Generative AI is an up and coming technology that uses deep-learning models or algorithms to automatically create text, photos, videos, code, and other output based on the datasets they are trained on, cannot only help analysts identify potential threats but also understand them better.

Previously without AI, analysts had to use complex query languages, operations, and reverse engineering to analyze vast amounts of data to understand threats. Generative AI algorithms can automatically scan code and network traffic for threats and provide rich insights that help analysts understand the behavior of malicious scripts and other threats.

Want to learn more? The Neural Learning Lab Cybersecurity Institute (NLLCI) by Tonex offers consulting services, custom training and over a dozen different certification programs. These certifications include:

Master of AI Security™ (MAIS™) Certification Course

AI Security Leadership™ (AISL™) Certification Course

AI Defense and Response Strategist™ (ADRS™) Certification Course

Certified Machine Learning Engineer™ (CMLE™) Certification Course

Certified Ethical AI Hacker™ (CEAIH™) Certification Course

Certified AI Safety Officer™ (CASO™) Certification Course

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