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The discipline of engineering has made computers accessible, essential, trustworthy, and transformative. 

For the software engineer there are certain tried and true practices that  produce the best software results. Heading that list is testing. This is the way engineers turn rough first drafts into finished code — with disciplined, rigorous testing using one of the top-rated application security testing tools. 

Over the last decade, testing has become better than ever as development teams have created strong protocols and built automation features to enforce them. Teams are using new continuous integration mechanisms that take code and start poking and prodding it as soon as it’s checked in.

Today testing automation robots play a major role. Testing automation robots will make sure that code moves forward. If a mistake is made, robotic automation catches it and continues to monitor until the problem is fixed.

On the other end of the spectrum, good code maintenance is essential. Software has flaws and limitations, but age should not be one of them. Steel rusts and organic material spoils, but the logic in software lives on.

Applications only have age-related issues when they are no longer compatible with current systems or they don’t have the new features and updates in the current software product. Only code maintenance allows old applications to remain useful.

Good code maintenance begins with good engineering. When teams write well-documented code with modular interfaces, their work can keep running and running. Software engineering makes it possible for a part of engineers to live on. It’s not the same as downloading your soul into the matrix, but some contend that it does bear a resemblance.

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