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Software System Safety Engineering Course is a 3-day training course Software Requirements Hazard Analysis is required to analyze possible hazards at both system and software level. These are needed at design stage in order to identify unsafe modes for resolution, such as out-of-sequence, wrong event, inappropriate magnitude, inadvertent command, adverse environment, deadlocking, failure-to-command, etc The analysis shall examine safety-critical computer software components at a gross level to obtain an initial safety evaluation of the software system.

Top-level Design Hazard Analysis covers the top-level design, using the results of the Safety Requirements Hazard Analysis: include the definition and subsequent analysis of safety-critical computer software components, identifying the degree of risk involved, as well as the design and test plan to be implemented The analysis shall be substantially complete before the software-detailed design is started. The results of the analysis shall be present at the Preliminary Design Review (PDR).

Detailed Design Hazard Analysis: include software detailed design using the results of the Software Requirements. Hazard Analysis and the Top-level Design Hazard Analysis to verify the correct incorporation of safety requirements and to analyze the safety-critical computer software components This analysis shall be substantially complete before coding of the software is started The results of the analysis shall be presented at the Critical Design Review (CDR).

Code-level Software Hazard Analysis is used to analyze program code and system interfaces for events, faults, and conditions that could cause or contribute to undesired events affecting safety This analysis shall start when coding begins, and shall be continued throughout the system life cycle.

Software Safety Testing is used to ensure that all hazards have been
eliminated or controlled to an acceptable level of risk.

Software/User Interface Analysis used for development of software user procedures,

Software Change Hazard Analysis covers changes, modifications, and patches made to the software for safety hazards.

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