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Length: 4 Days
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NERC Certification Exam Preparation Training Program

NERC Certification Exam Preparation Training Program cover all four exams of System Operator Certification:

  • Reliability examination;
  • Balancing, Interchange, and Transmission examination;
  • Transmission examination; and
  • Balancing examination.


The NERC System Operator Certification Program  prepares you for the exams including exam questions based on updated content outlines and the most current NERC Reliability Standards.

Training Topics include:

  • Preparing For The Exam
  • Exam Test Taking Key Points
  • Electric Utility Fundamentals
  • NERC Compliance Fundamentals
  • Grid Reliability Fundamentals
  • Understanding Key Elements of Balancing, Interchange and Transmission
  • Resource & Demand Balancing
  • SCADA, EMS, Communications and Data
  • Protection and Contingency Analysis and Reliability
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Emergency Response Strategies and Peperation

NERC Certification

Examination Content OutlineTotal Scored QuestionsCut Score
Reliability Coordinator12089
Transmission Operator10074
Balancing, Interchange,

and Transmission Operator

Balancing and Interchange


NERC Continent-wide TermAcronymDefinition
Actual Frequency (FA)The Interconnection frequency measured in Hertz (Hz).


Actual Net Interchange (NIA)


The algebraic sum of actual megawatt transfers across all Tie Lines, including Pseudo-Ties, to and from all Adjacent Balancing Authority areas within the same Interconnection. Actual megawatt transfers on asynchronous DC tie lines that are directly connected to another Interconnection are excluded from Actual Net Interchange.



The ability of the electric system to supply the aggregate electrical demand and energy

requirements of the end-use customers at all times, taking into account scheduled and reasonably expected unscheduled outages of system elements.

Adjacent Balancing AuthorityA Balancing Authority whose Balancing Authority Area is interconnected with another Balancing Authority Area either directly or via a multi-party agreement or transmission tariff.

Adverse  Reliability Impact

The impact of an event that results in frequency-related instability; unplanned tripping of load

or generation; or uncontrolled separation or cascading outages that affects a widespread area of  the Interconnection.

After the FactATFA time classification assigned to an RFI when the submittal time is greater than one hour after the start time of the RFI.



A contract or arrangement, either written or verbal and sometimes enforceable by law.

Alternative Interpersonal CommunicationAny Interpersonal Communication that is able to serve as a substitute for, and does not utilize the same infrastructure (medium) as, Interpersonal Communication used for day-to-day




Altitude  Correction Factor

A multiplier applied to specify distances, which adjusts the distances to account for the change  in relative air density (RAD) due to altitude from the RAD used to determine the specified distance.   Altitude correction factors apply to both minimum worker approach distances and    to  minimum vegetation  clearance distances.

Ancillary Service

Those services that are necessary to support the transmission of capacity and energy from resources to loads while maintaining reliable operation of the Transmission Service Provider’s transmission system in accordance with good utility practice. (From FERC order 888-A. )

Anti-Aliasing Filter

An analog filter installed at a metering point to remove the high frequency components of the signal over the AGC sample  period.


Area Control Error




The instantaneous difference between a Balancing Authority’s net actual and scheduled interchange, taking into account the effects of Frequency Bias, correction for meter error, and Automatic Time Error Correction (ATEC), if operating in the ATEC mode. ATEC is only applicable to Balancing Authorities in the Western Interconnection.

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