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Systems Engineering with DoDAF Training

Systems engineering with DoDAF training course covers the techniques, knowledge, methodologies and tools required to use complex engineering problems with DoDAF framework (DoD Architecture Framework).

Applied Systems Engineering for Logisticians Training by Tonex

What is Systems Engineering (SE) and how is applied to DoDAF 2.02??

Systems engineering is an interdisciplinary area of engineering that concentrates on how to design and manage complicated engineering systems.

When a project is complex and large, issues such as requirements engineering, reliability, logistics, testing, analysis, and other disciplines required for effective system development, design, implementation, and final decommission become very complicated. Therefore, systems engineering comes to play. Systems engineering handle processes, optimization, and risk management. Systems engineering takes all aspects of a project into consideration and incorporate them as a united system.

Unlike manufacturing process that concentrate on repetitive actions to accomplish high quality results at minimum cost and time, systems engineering process is a discovery process. Systems engineering process starts with identifying the problems and the most possible failures and then uses creative solutions to solve those problems.

What is DoDAF 2.02?

DoDAF, the Department of Defense Architecture Framework, is an architecture framework that provides graphical and visualization frame for a specific problem through organized viewpoints. Such viewpoints are derived from various views, which are pieces of visualizing, realization, and assimilating the wide scope and difficulties of an architecture description through tabular, structure, behavioral, ontological, pictorial, temporal, graphical, probabilistic, or other conceptual tools.

DoDAF so far has released two versions of DoDAF V1.5 (older version) and DoDAF V2.0 (DoDAF 2.02)

The DoDAF:

  • Defines a set of architectural products and views in three perspectives: Operational, System, and Technical
  • Provides direction on how to describe architectures
  • Defines output products that are intended to provide a common basis for comparing and evaluating architectures.

Learn About:

  • SE definition
  • SE terminology
  • SE goals and applications
  • System architecture
  • System model, Modeling, and Simulation,
  • Optimization
  • System dynamics
  • Systems analysis and design
  • System requirements engineering
  • Decision making
  • Architectural features
  • Viewpoints of DoDAF 2
  • How to create views
  • “Fit-for-Purpose” views
  • DoDAF v1.5 products migration to DoDAF 2.02
  • DoDAF System View (SV) and Services Viewpoints (SvcV)
  • DoDAF Version 2.02 viewpoint
  • Principles applied to complete, executable architectures
  • V-Diagram
    Techniques and processes for conducting systems engineering.
    Systems Engineerging Framework
    TONEX’s Systems Engineering and DoDAF Templates and Tools


  • System engineering with DoDAF training is in the form of interactive presentation
  • The main portion of the course is dedicated to hands-on activities, group activities, and exercising with real-life examples,


Systems engineering with DoDAF training is a 3-day course designed for:

  • System engineers
  • System architects
  • Software engineers
  • Software architects
  • Enterprise architects
  • Executives and leaders
  • Managers
  • CIO’s managers
  • Senior IT managers
  • IT engineers
  • Data scientists
  • Business and systems analysts
  • Senior analysts
  • Project managers
  • Vendors and developers

What Will You Learn?

Below are the major topics covered by systems engineering with DoDAF training (more details can be found under the full course description):

  • Overview of Systems Engineering and DoDAF
  • Systems Engineering
  • Types of Architectures
  • Partitioning Levels of System Architecture
  • Software Architecture Five Views (4+1) Model
  • Merging Activities
  • DoDAF 2.02 Viewpoints
  • DoDAF 2.02 Background
  • DoDAF 2.02 Vision
  • DoDAF 2.02 Guidelines
  • TONEX Hands-On Workshop Sample

Systems Engineering with DoDAF Training

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