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The Black Hat Workshop By TONEX

The black hat workshop replicates a potential competitor of your business and helps you take all required steps and actions to determine the possible ways the competitor might beat your bids and proposals and then will help you to neutralize those strategies to stay ahead of your competitors.

During the black hat workshop, we will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses when you face with a serious competition. The black hat workshop assists you to make smarter business decisions, based on the situation of your competitors and the marketplace.

Through the black hat workshop, we help you define your industry, determine your potential competitors, determine your customers, rank the key success segments, and rate each competitor on each of the key segments. Once these data are obtained, we will simulate potential competitors and a business opportunity situation and will help you come up with smart and effective strategies to beat your competitors.

The black hat workshop will help you to filter the flood of data you face with everyday in order to choose what is essential to make effective market knowledge. Then, at this workshop, through a case study, we will teach you how to use the filtered data to develop and execute a successful marketplace strategy.

Generally, your competitors and the nature of what you do in your business lead the competitor analysis. In other words, you analyze your competitors as a marketing tool. Through this assessment, you figure out your weaknesses and strengths, the former can provide opportunities for them and the later raise your chances to beat them. At TONEX, our experienced instructors are committed to help you reduce and eliminate the opportunities your competitors might have to beat you and turn them into a winning situation for your business. The black hat workshop will teach you to formulate how to run your business and this is based on how your competitors run theirs.

By definition, competitive analysis means to identify your competitors and evaluate their strategies to determine their strengths and weaknesses.

No matter how much data we receive everyday, unless we have the knowledge and skills of using these data towards our needs, the data has no meaning. Once raw data is collected, skillful people can analyze, communicate, and generate the intelligence that can help our organization to beat the competitors in the market. Through the black hat workshop, we will train you to develop the skills necessary to analyze the market and your competitor’s information.

As you may know, hyper-competition is what drives our world forward now. There are so many companies trying to fit in the narrow space of goods and services needs and if you, as a business owner or market manager, cannot find your niche among other competitors, chances are your business will never survive. Competitive assessment teaches you the knowledge of managing in such hyper-competitive market and at TONEX, our instructors, provides you the best competitive assessment training that is right for your business. Through the black hat workshop, we will teach you how to get insights of what might happen in the near future. We teach you how to transform data into information and then into intelligence.

In this workshop, we train you how to gather data and information from a very large and strategic view in order to be able to anticipate the future. The black hat workshop helps you to always appear competitive by improving your important decisions, getting you ahead of your competitors.

Who Should Attend?

The black hat workshop is a 2-day training course designed for:

  • Mid-level and senior executives
  • Product and planning managers
  • Marketing personnel
  • All individuals who are or will be involved in business intelligence
  • Competitive intelligent analysts
  • Market researchers
  • Business development managers
  • Pricing analysts

What Will You Learn?

Below are the major topics we will cover during the black hat workshop (details can be found under the full course description):

  • An Overview of Competitor Analysis
  • Constructing A Competitor Array
  • Developing A Profile For Each Competitor
  • Competitor Analysis Framework
  • Analytical Methods
  • Best Practices
  • Case Study

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