Length: 2 Days
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6G Training Course for everyone by Tonex

6G Technology is expected to impact everyone – consumers as well as businesses.

Individuals will experience the manifestation of 6G technology in a myriad ways.  For example, autonomous driving is one of the main use cases in which 6G will likely play a critical role by enabling greater accuracy and reliability.

6G will provide terabit speeds that will inevitably make streaming more enjoyable and video calls less painful.

Then there’s the truly “outrageous” new use cases fueled by 6G. Something called the “Internet of Senses” may provide users with augmented vision, hearing, touch, and smell by augmenting our senses.

6G could also provide contact lenses which can take pictures or videos, earbuds that can act as universal language translators, and non-intrusive brain computer interfaces which would allow us to command a device just by thinking about it.

In the business realm, 6G wireless sensing solutions will impact government and industry approaches to public safety and critical asset protection, such as threat detection, health monitoring, and air quality measurements. Organizations can also anticipate greater decision-making capabilities using real-time information, improving the responsiveness of law enforcement officials and first responders.

Additionally, 6G technology will likely transform the workplace. Instead of spending hours on 2D Zoom or Teams meetings, we will meet in 3D digital spaces, where our avatars will have “real” eye contact. We will be able to meet in groups and even express body language in real time.

If we need to hold a one-on-one meeting, we could simply switch all the participants out and find a quiet virtual space to connect. And if you want to visit a factory or try out a product, you could simply “fly” or “teleport” to a digital twin and experience it from there.

With 6G technology, companies will provide immersive VR and AR training experiences that streamline the transfer of knowledge between teams and boost knowledge retention.

6G analysts looking at the big picture, believe 6G is essential to bring the metaverse into fruition, where virtual and real worlds crossover.

6G will be able to deliver that speed and bandwidth, enabling tech giants to create an immersive, persistent, fully-integrated virtual metaverse.

According to Federal Communications Commission chairperson Jessica Rosenworcel, the arrival of 6G isn’t so far off that telecom carriers shouldn’t start preparing for it now.

Essential 6G for Everyone Course by Tonex

Essential 6G for Everyone training provides insights into what 6G technology will likely produce for individuals as well as organizations.

Participants will learn about the known elements of 6G research, specific technologies involved  and expected challenges of putting a 6G wireless network together.

Essential 6G for Everyone training can be especially beneficial for organizations to start thinking and planning out business strategies now in order to gain advantages over their competition in the near future.

Who Should Attend

Essential 6G for Everyone training is a 2-day course designed for:

  • Anyone involved in 6G product development
  • Anyone involved in 6G network analysis or planning
  • Anyone involved in 6G design or engineering
  • Professionals who want to upgrade their skills to 6G
  • Anyone else who wants to learn latest telecom technologies and wants to work for telecom mobile operator and vendor companies
  • Cybersecurity analysts and professionals working in both red and blue teams

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