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Future Generation Wireless Technology (FutureG)

Wireless communications have enabled the connection of billions of people to the internet so that they can reap the benefits of today’s digital economy.

Nearly every sector of the economy now relies upon wireless technologies in fundamental ways – from banking and agriculture to transportation and healthcare.

Wireless Communication is the fastest growing and most vibrant technological areas in the communication field. Wireless Communication is a method of transmitting information from one point to other, without using any connection like wires, cables or any physical medium.

Generally, in a communication system, information is transmitted from transmitter to receiver that are placed over a limited distance. With the help of Wireless Communication, the transmitter and receiver can be placed anywhere between few meters (like a T.V. Remote Control) to few thousand kilometers (Satellite Communication).

Some of the commonly used Wireless Communication Systems in our day – to – day life are: Mobile Phones, GPS Receivers, Remote Controls, Bluetooth Audio and Wi-Fi.

Apart from mobility, wireless communication also offers flexibility and ease of use, which makes it increasingly popular. Wireless Communication like mobile telephony can be made anywhere and anytime with a considerably high throughput performance.

Another important point is infrastructure. The setup and installation of infrastructure for wired communication systems is an expensive and time consuming job. The infrastructure for wireless communication can be installed easily and at low cost.

In emergency situations and remote locations, where the setup of wired communication is difficult, wireless communication is a viable option.

There are numerous advantages of Wireless Communication technology, Wireless Networking and Wireless Systems over Wired Communication like cost, mobility, ease of installation and reliability.

Wireless Training Courses by Tonex

Tonex offers more than 12 dozen specialized courses in wireless-related fields.

For example, our Bluetooth training courses and hands-on workshops and bootcamps introduce participants to everything Bluetooth including Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Bluetooth Smart Technology and Bluetooth 5.2.

Our Wireless Core Training classes includes many topic areas such as Microwave Training, Radar Communications Training, mmW Technology Training, 802.11 Training, M2M Training and Fundamentals of Cellular Networks.

Cellular Network Fundamentals is a particularly popular course that covers the A-Z of classic and modern cellular networks. Attendees learn about basic connectivity requirements, planning, building blocks, architecture, design, implementation and performance of end-to-end all the types of cellular networks from 2G-5G.

Additionally, Cellular Network Fundamentals teaches all operational use cases and sub-systems of the cellular network including mobile device, connectivity, radio network, transmission network and core network — all covered with focus on both practical and theoretical issues.

Wireless training also includes a good selection of Long Term Evolution (LTE) Evolution courses focused on migration to 5G such as LTE Fundamentals Training, LTE Security Training, LTE RAN Signaling Training and LTE Carrier Aggregation Technology Overview.

Participants in our wireless courses have an opportunity to not only learn about the technical side of applications, but also discover how the parts form the bigger picture of the wireless landscape, such as the migration of 4G to 5G to 5G standalone (SA).

Our 5G Wireless Crash Course has become a favorite for participants who want to learn all they can about 5G but don’t have a lot of time to spend in a classroom. 5G Wireless Crash Course covers all aspects of 5G wireless vision, concepts, application, use cases, technologies and standards. This 5G Crash Course sets you on the right track to developing a set of 5G skills that can help you to deliver results.

All of our Wireless training courses are designed to provide in-depth knowledge and information about various aspects of wireless. These courses teach you various tools, methods, techniques, requirements and strategies associated with wireless networks – and much much more.

Many of our wireless training courses are not readily available elsewhere. This includes Small Cell training, In-Building Wireless Courses and many legacy systems training such as UMTS Training Courses, WIMAX Training, HSPA/HSPA+ Training, GSM/GPRS/EDGE and CDMA technologies.

Why Choose Tonex?

The wireless communications industry is evolving at breakneck speed. To stay current, employees in the field need access to the very latest information. Wireless training courses are perfect for providing this information, and no other company offers better training seminars than Tonex where are instructors are the best in their fields of expertise – and they have real world experience.

Contact us for more information, questions, comments. And remember, we will work with your organization to tailor courses specifically to your needs.

Wireless Training