Price: $9,999.00

Length: 2 Weeks
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LTE Training, Long Term Evolution (LTE) Training Master Course powered by TONEX – 2 Weeks Long


LTE Training



Our  Master LTE Training Program comprises a number of LTE components:

  • LTE Radio Access Network
  • LTE RF Planning and Optimization
  • LTE Packet Core (EPC) – All-IP Network
  • LTE Capacity Planning
  • Radio and Core Signaling
  • LTE Backhaul
  • IMS and SIP
  • IPv6
  • LTE Security

LTE Training Courses Powered by TONEX – 2 Week LTE Master Courses includes the following courses:


LTE RF Optimization Training: covers the basics principals behind RF optimization related to LTE and LTE-Advanced2 Days
LTE RF Planning – LTE RF Planning and Design Training Course: covers the major aspects of the LTE Air Interface, LTE RF principals, RF planning and design.2 Days
LTE Security Training – LTE and LTE-Advanced Security covers LTE and LTE-Advanced security requirements, C-plane and U-plane requirements, authentication, confidentiality, keys, key hierarchies, handover security, AS and NAS security requirements,2 Days
LTE Training – Long Term Evolution (LTE) Training 101 covers the basics concepts behind LTE, architecture and operation of the LTE system including the concepts behind OFDMA/SC-FDMA, MIMO, EPC and IMS.2 Days
LTE Training – Long Term Evolution (LTE) Training Crash Course covers LTE RAN, OFDMA/SC-FDMA, MIMO, EPC, IMS, Diameter, Signaling, Security, Voice over LTE and more.4 Days
LTE Training for Non-Engineers covers the basics concepts behind the LTE evolution from the 3G and 4G networks of today towards the Long Term Evolution (LTE) and Advanced LTE standard.1 Day
LTE-Advanced Training, Long Term Evolution Advanced covers all the aspects behind LTE-Advanced. Learn new concepts behind LTE-Advanced including support for relay node base stations, Coordinated multipoint (CoMP) transmission and reception, UE Dual TX antenna solutions for SU-MIMO and diversity MIMO, Scalable system bandwidth exceeding 20 MHz, up to 100 MHz, Carrier aggregation of contiguous and non-contiguous spectrum allocations, Local area optimization of air interface, Nomadic / Local Area network and mobility solutions, Hybrid OFDMA and SC-FDMA in uplink, UL/DL inter eNB coordinated MIMO, SONs, Self Organizing Networks methodologies and Multiple carrier spectrum access.2 Days
Voice Over LTE Training – Via Generic Access covers what the interim Voice over LTE via Generic Access is.1 Day
VoLTE Training – Voice over LTE Training Course – Bootcamp Style Learn how LTE can provide a single network infrastructure for all services, including voice, short message service (SMS), and broadband data for both mobile and fixed end users. Learn about voice over LTE using IP Multimedia System (IMS) as specified in One Voice; Voice over IMS profile. Learn about 3GPP IP Multimedia System (IMS) Release 8, Multimedia Telephony (MMTel), Short Message Service (SMS) over IP, IMS Media support for AMR CODECs and Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (SRVCC).                                                                                                            1 Day

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