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Length: 3 Weeks
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Systems Engineering Certificate

Systems Engineering Certificate by TONEX  is recognized internationally for the leadership and dynamic approach in helping organizations accomplish fundamental changes to their Systems Engineering, MBSE (Model Based Systems Engineering), Requirements Engineering, ConOps, Architecture, Design, Verification and Validation, UML and SysML.

System Engineering Certificate was created to introduce the concept” system thinking, seeing the bigger picture and facilitating through a modern agile and lean process, cross activities and inter-disciplinary involvement” to enable the realization of successful systems and system of systems (SoS).

Systems Engineering Certificate Training Program focuses on Key Systems Engineering Principles:

  • Understanding the stakeholder points of view of the system
  • Systems Engineering key processes such as: stakeholder analysis, needs assessment, elicitation, Concept of Operations (ConOps), stakeholder involvement, requirements engineering, systems analysis and design, verification and validation of the system, operations and maintenance
  • Developing Concept of Operations (ConOps)
  • Mapping Concept of Operations to Validation Plans
  • Developing User Requirements
  • Mapping Systems Requirements to  Verification Plans
  • Better system modeling
  • Systems Requirements Project Management and Risk Assessment
  • Human Systems Integration and User Experience
  • Systems Architecting, Modeling and Simulation
  • Problem Solving
  • Design of Experiments (DOE)
  • Lean and Agile Systems Engineering

Core, Elective and Optional Topics:

  • Systems Engineering Training Level 1
  • System Engineering Training Level 2
  • Systems Design and Analysis
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Requirements Engineering Management
  • Developing User Requirements
  • Requirements Engineering Workshop with Use Cases
  • Requirements and Specification Writing
  • Systems Development & CONOPS
  • Systems Engineering Project Management
  • Modern Systems Engineering Thinking
  • Leading Systems Engineering Teams
  • Modeling and Simulation for Systems Engineering
  • Human Systems Integration
  • Systems Architecting
  • Applied Systems Engineering
  • Principles of Problem Solving
  • Visual Problem Solving
  • Advanced Problem Solving Methods
  • Applied Systems Thinking
  • Design of Experiments (DOE)
  • Model-Based Engineering with SysML
  • Lean Systems Engineering
  • Agile Systems Engineering

Who Should Attend

Engineers, system analysts, system architects, chief engineers, directors of engineering, program managers, project managers, validation and verification engineers and PM, chief system engineers, and any other professionals who want to learn the practical aspects of systems engineering and best lessons learned in successful projects.


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