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TRIZ Training, Theory of Inventive Problem Solving


TRIZ Training | Theory of Inventive Problem Solving

Learn TRIZ,Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, a powerful problem-solving method based on the study of patterns of problems and solutions. Learn how TRIZ can be used  to overcome barriers and derive creative solutions.

TRIZ Training course provides an introduction to the TRIZ Problem Solving Process. TRIZ, a Russian abbreviation for Theory of Inventive Problem Solving is a structured, “left-brained” using patterns of invention.

TRIZ Training Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define typical problems in terms of contradictions and logic
  • How to use a  systematic approach to  solve engineering
  • Learn about the system approach, matrix theory, and separation principles
  • Analyze and identify underlying causes
  • Formulate ideal result and listing potential resources
  • Discuss problem-solving methodologies and techniques and psychological inertia
  • Discuss ways to accelerate creative problem solving for both individuals and project teams
  • Explain TRIZ, the powerful and breakthrough problem-solving methodology
  • Identify what TRIZ offers as a systematic innovation
  • Understand TRIZ key elements: Zones of conflict, Functional Analysis and System Constraints
  • Define how TRIZ can be used for technology, business and organizational problem solving
  • Formulate contradictions and solving them
  • Discuss ways to using TRIZ for failure prediction and analysis
  • Create a function model of a system using systems engineering methods and processes

Who Should Attend

Technical managers, engineers, field technicians, scientists, and anyone else interested in  TRIZ problem solving tool to problem definition processes.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Problem Solving
  • Solving processes and creative problem solving
  • Principles behind systematic innovation
  • Principles of innovative thinking.
  • Introduction and overview of TRIZ
  • Basic concepts of TRIZ
  • The structure and building blocks of TRIZ
  • TRIZ tools for systems and intellectual property protection
  • Ideality, Resources, Contradictions, Trends of Engineering System Evolution
  • Cause-Effect Chain Analysis
  • Function Analysis (Basic)
  • Technical contradictions and Contradiction Matrix
  • Mapping problems and solutions
  • Solving Contradictions
  • Technical and physical contradictions
  • Principles, Separation Principles
  • Parameters and the TRIZ Contradictions matrix
  • TRIZ creativity tools of Ideal Outcome
  • X-factor and Ideality
  • Understanding systems and solving problems
  • Systems Engineering and Function Analysis
  • Standard Solutions and Creativity Tools
  • Breaking psychological inertia
  • Generating creative ideas
  • Tool for mapping engineering systems
  • TRIZ Function Analysis
  • 9 Boxes
  • Su-Fields and Standards
  • Introduction S-Curve Analysis
  • Trends of Engineering System Evolution

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