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Without question, 5G technology is the force behind the mushrooming Internet of Things (IoT).

5G is essential to the Internet of Things because of the need for a faster network with higher capacity that can serve connectivity needs. The 5G spectrum increases the frequencies on which cellular technologies will transfer data.

This broader spectrum available for use increases the overall bandwidth of mobile networks, allowing for additional devices to connect.

The IoT was initially most interesting to business and manufacturing, where its application is sometimes known as machine-to-machine (M2M), but the emphasis is now on filling our homes and offices with smart devices, transforming it into something that’s relevant to almost everyone.

With the anticipated 3GPP Release 17 in 2022, major development is anticipated, which will include enhancements to low-power wide-area connectivity (NB-IoT).

There’s also a new feature called NR Light, which will cater for low-power/high-bandwidth wearable and IoT devices.

An IoT device can be as complex as an self-driving truck or as simple as a child’s toy.

Some larger objects may themselves be filled with many smaller IoT components, such as a jet engine that’s now filled with thousands of sensors collecting and transmitting data back to make sure it is operating efficiently.

On yet even on a grander scale, smart cities are on the drawing board, which will be jam-packed with IoT devices to help us live better, safer and to give us more control over our urban environment.

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