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Iot (Internet-of-Things) Security Training By Tonex

IoT Security Training by Tonex

Despite all of the benefits associated with the Internet of Things (IoT), its interconnectedness presents a substantial challenge to enterprises in terms of grave IoT security risks arising from unmonitored and unsecured devices connected to the network.

One enormous obstacle in IoT security is just the realization that there is cause for concern.  Standard cybersecurity systems lack the ability to recognize specific types of IoT devices, their unique risk profiles and the expected behaviors associated with them. 

Additionally, IoT devices can be deployed by any business center and are not typically seen as part of IT, therefore bypassing typical IT security controls and processes, such as asset management, security patching, etc. 

Regarding just a basic acknowledgement of IoT security risks, IoT security can be understood as a security strategy and protection mechanism that specifically safeguards from the possibility of cyberattacks on IoT devices that are connected to the network and purposely built for a fixed set of functionalities.

Without robust security, any connected IoT device is vulnerable to getting breached, compromised and controlled by a bad actor to ultimately steal user data and bring down systems.

This is why IoT security is critical: According to reports, this past year has seen a tremendous upswing in Internet of Things devices accompanied by a market increase in cases of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. 

By 2025 there is expected to be 41.6 billion IoT devices generating 79.4ZB of data. That’s a lot of attack surface for cyber operatives.

Most cybersecurity professionals say it’s imperative for agencies, organizations and business stakeholders to understand basic IoT security protocols and standards.

IoT communication protocols are modes of communication that protect and ensure optimum security to the data being exchanged between connected devices. 


Iot (Internet-of-Things) Security Training By Tonex

IoT Security Training Course by Tonex

IoT Security Training covers The Internet of Things security and discusses IoT protocols, potential risks, vulnerabilities, exploitation, data breaches, security framework and mitigation. IoT Security Training, Internet of Things (IoT) devices Include: manufacturers, retailers in consumer electronics, healthcare, factory supply chain warehouses, transportation facilities and many others.

Learn about risks of unsecured enterprise and home IoT devices connecting to the Internet and able to share the information they generate.

Topics include device and platform vulnerabilities, authentication and authorization, Web interface and software, transport encryption, management issues, privacy and security enhancements and other IoT issues observed for various manufacturers across all industry sectors.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completing this IoT Security Training, participants will be able to:

  • Learn the fundamentals of IoT and its associated security challenges.
  • Identify vulnerabilities and threats within IoT ecosystems.
  • Implement encryption and authentication techniques for IoT devices and data.
  • Develop secure coding practices for IoT applications.
  • Design and configure secure IoT networks and gateways.
  • Respond to and mitigate IoT security incidents effectively.

Audience: This course is ideal for:

  • Information Security Professionals
  • IoT Developers and Engineers
  • Network Administrators
  • IT Managers and Executives
  • System Architects
  • Anyone responsible for IoT security within their organization

Learn about:

  • IoT Principles: The Internet of Things Overview
  • Principles for Connected Devices
  • IoT Design Principles
  • Principles of IoT Security
  • IoT Attack Areas
  • IoT Vulnerabilities
  • IoT Firmware Analysis
  • IoT Software Weaknesses
  • IoT Security Verification, Validation and Testing
  • IoT Security Assessment on IoT devices
  • Assessing IoT devices attack surfaces
  • Evaluation of IoT device firmware analysis, attack surface, vulnerabilities and exploiting the vulnerabilities

Course Topics Include:

  • Overview and analysis of IoT devices and IoT implementation use cases
  • IoT Architecture
  • IoT Architectural and Design Requirements
  • IoT Security Fundamentals
  • IoT Security Standards
  • NIST Framework: Cyber Physical Systems
  • IoT Governance and Risk Management
  • IoT Security Compliance and Audit
  • IoT Encryption and Key Management
  • IoT Identity and Access Management IoT Security Challenges
  • IoT Security in Critical Infrastructure
  • IoT Security in Personal infrastructure
  • IoT Vulnerabilities
  • Wireless Security applied to IoT
  • ZigBee and Bluetooth Security
  • LTE and Mobile Security
  • Cloud-based web interface security
  • Cloud interfaces for XSS, SQLi and CSRF vulnerabilities IoT Data Security
  • IoT Platform, Device and Infrastructure Security
  • IoT Management and Operations Security
  • IoT Security Legal and  Compliance
  • Tonex IoT Security Framework
  • Threats to IoT Devices and Implementations
  • Known IoT Cyber Security Threats
  • IoT Security Controls
  • IoT Implementations Security best practices
  • Gaps in IoT Security and technical solutions
  • Procedures and methods for securing the IoT
  • Best practices in securing cloud infrastructure and services supporting the IoT devices and environments
  • IoT Security auditing, identity and access management
  • IoT Authentication, encryption, access control,  privacy, data integrity and risk management
  • IoT Devices Firmware Analysis
  • IoT Attack and Phishing Simulation

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