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5G WiFi Offload Training Course

5G Wi-Fi Offload Training course covers 5G and WiFi interworking principles including , LTE-U and LAA. The role of WiFi  as a key alternative access network technology in 5G deployment is described according to 3GPP, ITU-T IMT-2020, and enhancements for Wi-Fi standardized by IEEE and the Wi-Fi Alliance.

For detailed of the  5G Wi-Fi Offload Training course, CLICK HERE.

Learn about key principles of 5G and WiFi interwokring:

  • Key concepts of 5G access and WiFi
  • Overview of 802.11ac, mmWave, 802.11ad, 802.11aj, 802.11ax, 802.11ay, and 802.11az
  • Key concepts in 5G Wi-Fi Offload , LTE-Unlicensed (LTE-U),  and Licensed Assisted Access (LAA)
  • Rational behind the use of unlicensed spectrum to offload 5G traffic including Higher efficiency and improved management of the user experience (QoE)
  • Core network offloading solutions
  • Implementation and optimization of 5G WiFi offload
  • Similarities and differences between 5G Wi-Fi Offload and other solutions such as adding new cell sites and smaller cells
  • Principles behind integration of Wi-Fi and cellular technologies (3GPP Releases 12 , 13, LTE-A Pro, and upcoming 5G standards
  • 5G WiFi offloading solutions and architecture
  • 5G WiFi offloading challenges and opportunities
  • Principles of access methods in the joint network, security,IP mobility, network discovery and selection
  • Cooperative use of licensed and unlicensed 5G and Wi-Fi radios
  • Emerging solutions such as integration of Carrier Aggregation and Dual-Cell Connectivity concepts
  • Management of traffic flows  between licensed LTE and Wi-Fi or unlicensed LTE carriers

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