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Problem solving with 8D Framework is a practical approach to addressing negative issues in business.

And, problem solving with 8D Framework is gaining popularity, which is not surprising. The 8D problem-solving model is an invaluable tool for when things go wrong or need to be improved. It’s a collaborative and methodical approach to addressing critical problems, often used to enhance production processes.

Problem solving with 8D framework works by facilitating root cause analysis, containment plan development, and corrective solution implementation.

The “8D” stands for “eight disciplines” which provide a structured framework that project teams can work through. By following the analysis and steps that it outlines, organizations can solve problems that are critical to operations or particularly challenging.

This is important because it’s common for businesses to experience issues with product quality, process changes, or scaling their operations.

Recurring problems cost businesses money, use up resources, and decrease efficiency. These issues can also frustrate customers, disengage team members, and concern shareholders, so it’s crucial to address them quickly, which is what problem solving with 8D Framework is all about.

Originally developed by the DoD during the Second World War, the 8D Framework approach was then known as the TOPS (Team Oriented Problem Solving) method and later popularized by Ford Motors.

Today, while problem solving with 8D Framework can help most businesses, this structured approach is particularly useful in these industries and sectors:

  • Manufacturing
  • Companies looking to scale
  • Medium and large-scale enterprises         

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Problem Solving Workshop with 8D Framework, a 3-day course that  focuses on problem solving and process improvement using 8D and other frameworks.

Participants will learn how to use 8D framework, solve complex problems, improve business and operational procedures, master an array of critical strategies to manage risks, and work with corrective actions.

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