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Taken from the U.S. Army Field Manual, assured communication refers to the certainty of priority electronic transmission capability when needed throughout the strategic, operational and tactical areas of operations.

Assured communications enable the operator to make crucial decisions based on his sight picture of the battlefield derived from real-time enemy or friendly data. As net-centric warfare continues to evolve and operators engage in disparate environments, assured communications becomes vital for success.

Success in complex missions, whether in the civilian, military or mixed sectors, depends on agile organizations adapting their enterprise approaches to suit the purposes and circumstances at hand, and being able and willing to communicate necessary information.

Case studies of complex endeavors in theaters including warfare, terrorism, and response to natural disasters have shown that communication failures are a very significant cause of adverse consequences, often including overall mission failure.

Communication failures can be behavioral ones, exacerbated by inappropriate organizational choices.

An important aspect of assured communications is developing and utilizing state-of-the-art technology.

For example, the Department of Defense (DoD) awarded the Harris Corp a $390 million indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract for the next-generation handheld radio, which will upgrade the command’s legacy devices from a one-channel to a two-channel system.

The radio was necessary to assure communication for small units to have full communications at the tactical edge from satellite communications to wideband communications to narrowband.

The radios are also equipped with electronic countermeasures such as the ability to avoid jamming.

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