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Automotive requirements engineering and management is all about developing a validated set of system requirements that meet the stakeholders’ needs.

A very special skillset is necessary for efficient automotive engineers or technical staff in the automotive industry to be able to write and manage quality, concise and unambiguous requirements.

These requirements impact not only customers but also design, systems and maintenance areas.

In fact, the success or failure of many automotive-related software projects depend on requirements engineering, writing or management. Automotive stakeholder needs identified in the Concept of Operations are reviewed, analyzed, and transformed into verifiable requirements that define what the system will do but not how the system will do it.

Working closely with stakeholders, the requirements are elicited, analyzed, validated, documented and baselined..

Developing a validated set of system requirements that meet the stakeholders’ needs is a key success factor.

Becoming More Complicated

In the automotive industry, especially in the high-end market, the complexity of electronic components is increasing rapidly. Currently, about a third of all development costs in high-end models go to electric and electronic system development, and the cost continues to grow.

Concurrently, many slightly different variations on components are each developed in a series of prototyping phases on different schedules. Consequently, the complexity of specification activities surpasses what conventional text-processing systems can support in terms of management and tracing functionality.

Want to know more about automotive requirements engineering and management training? Tonex offers a 3-day Automotive Requirements Engineering and Management course that discusses issues, problems, challenges and solutions of requirements writing, engineering and management. This, applied to development of software-based automotive systems related to telematics, navigation, entertainment, electronics, sensors and control, communications and networking, ECU and CAN Bus, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 4G/5G, autonomous and functional safety, cybersecurity for vehicles, etc.

Tonex also offers nearly 400 classes, seminars and workshops in close to four dozen categories of systems engineering training.

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