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Big Data For Project and Program Managers Training Course

Big data for project and program managers training course provides you with the tools, concerns, and risks associated with the big data analytics in project, program, and portfolio management. This training course will first introduce you to the basics of big data analytics and project management process. Then, we will talk about how they affect each other, meaning the effect of big data analytics in the success of project management and the role of project management in big data analytics. You will learn about the challenges and opportunities of big data from the project management perspectives. This hands-on training course will discuss the present techniques and tools applied for big data analytics so that, based on your need, you can choose what fits you best.

Big Data For Project and Program Managers Training Course

The developing sensation known as big data is pushing several modifications in businesses and other corporations. Many are frustrated just to deal with the great amount of data sets and non-traditional data frameworks that are the nature of big data. Others are coping with big data by expanding their data management abilities and their portfolios of data management software. This leverages them to systematize more business procedures, function closer to real world, and through analytics, learn valued new facts about business functions, customers, partners, and so on.

The outcome would be big data management (BDM), a combination of old and new best practices, skills, staff, data formats, and home-grown or vendor-built functionality. All of these are increasing and readjusting so that businesses can completely empower big data, not just manage it. In the meantime, big data must finally find a permanent position in enterprise data management.

BDM is well value performing as managing big data results in a range of advantages. The business and technology responsibilities that enhance most are analytic visions, the wholeness of analytic data series, business value derived from big data, and all sales and marketing actions. BDM also has issues, and typical burdens consist of low corporation maturity comparative to big data, poor business provision, and the necessity to learn new technology approaches. Big data for project and program managers training course will discuss all of these matters in both theoretical and practical formats.

Why Choose TONEX?

  • Our instructors are carefully chosen among the experts who have experience in high tech industries, project management, and academia
  • Our trainings are fun and dynamic
  • Our training courses cover theories and hands-on exercises
  • We provide you with real-world case studies and examples


Big data for project and program managers training is a 3-day course designed for:

  • Project managers
  • Program managers
  • Big data analytics
  • Decision makers of organizations
  • Strategic leaders
  • Executives

What Will You Learn?

Below are the major topics will be covered by this training:

  • Overview to Big Data and Project/Program Management
  • Project Management Process
  • Where Does Big Data Analytics expertise is Required?
  • Introduction to Big Data Management
  • Big Data Challenges
  • The Status of Big Data Management
  • Data Science Methods
  • Technical practices for big data management
  • Analytic Exercises and Big Data Management
  • Applicable Programming Languages
  • Corporation Practices for Big Data Management
  • Top Priorities of Big Data Management
  • Choosing the Best Strategy
  • Organizational Leadership
  • TONEX Hands-On Sample Workshop

Big Data For Project and Program Managers Training Course

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