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Big Data for Project and Program Managers Training


When it comes to understanding target audience and customer’s preferences, big data plays a very important role for modern organizations.

Every business organization, small or big, needs valuable data and insights. It even helps anticipate customer needs.

The right data needs to be effectively presented and properly analyzed. It can help a business organization achieve various goals.

Project and program managers especially need to be cognizant of the opportunities from using big data effectively. For example, big data enables enhanced discovery, access, availability, exploitation, and provisioning of information within companies and the supply chain. It can enable the discovery of new data sets that are not yet being used to drive value.

Big data can also increase supply chain visibility and transparency through real-time control, and multi-tier (process, decision and financial) visibility irrespective of data location. According to the experts, the impact of enhanced corporate information availability on the visibility and transparency of the supply chain represents the second most relevant opportunity on the corporate level.

Additionally, with big data, companies are able to react quicker to changing market conditions, made possible through visibility and a deeper understanding of their information-enriched ecosystem. This can increase real-time responsiveness to customer needs and changing market conditions, reduce time-to-market, and increase the robustness of supply chains.

From the project or program manager’s point of view, Big Data doesn’t necessarily so much revolve around the amount of data as it does with what individuals and companies do with it. Data can be taken from any source and analyzed to find answers that enable:

  • Time reductions
  • Cost reductions
  • Smart decision making
  • Optimized offerings
  • New product development

The combination of advanced analytics with Big Data can produce important tasks in the business sector, such as determining root causes or failures, defects and issues in nearly real time.

From a technical perspective, big data technology typically refers to three viewpoints of the technical innovation and super-large datasets: automated parallel computation, data management schemes and data mining.

The big data technology ecosystem stack often includes:

  • Scalable storage systems
  • A computing platform
  • A data management environment
  • An application development framework
  • Oversight and management processes and tools
  • Layered packaged methods of scalable analytics

Big Data for Project and Program Managers Training Course by Tonex

Big data for project/program managers training teaches you how to benefit from big data in your projects/programs. This course will cover all the methods, cautions, and concerns of big data analytics in project management. You will learn about the issues and opportunities of big data from the project management point of view.

This course will introduce you the existing approaches and methods used for big data analytics so that, based on your need, you can choose what serves the needs of your organization the best.

The ability of making smart investments in “big data” abilities might need more cooperative methods to project and program management and decision-making compared to what is already being applied. Two major challenges with Big data are:

  • How to use it wisely in the real world
  • How program and project management should align with developing technical data handling abilities

You probably know how people are dealing with the issues of using modern methods to cope with the increasing amount of data in digital form. If there is no unambiguous comprehension of what advantages will be obtained from big data investments, investment justification could become an issue. Big data for project and program managers training course will help you make sense of such huge source of information around you and will help you how to get the most out of them in regards to proceed your projects.

We also will show you how the Big Data benefits can be converted into useful visions and offer helpful tool for planning and decision-making.

Why Do You Need This Training?

  • Project Managers with big data expertise and business sense are in demand
  • Expert judgment in working with the technologies is a must
  • Program Managers should assist scale and synergize the tasks throughout the projects

Tonex Training Format

  • We deliver fun, comprehensive trainings
  • Training is combined of both theory and practical activities
  • The theory is provided through interactive presentations
  • Practical exercise will include individual/group activities and hands-on workshops
  • We use real-world examples and case-studies for our activities


Big data for project and program managers training is a 3-day course designed for:

  • Project managers
  • Program managers
  • Big data analytics
  • Decision makers of organizations
  • Strategic leaders
  • Executives

Training Objectives

Upon the completion of big data for project and program managers training, the attendees are able to:

  • Define the big data analytics
  • Describe the business values of big data
  • Discuss the opportunities and challenges of using big data
  • Decide if big data analytics serve their client’s interest, situation and experience
  • Manage data analytic projects
  • Choose the best approach
  • Assess risks associated with the big data
  • Distinguish between a data analytic project and a fishing expedition
  • Determine the time to stop the analysis
  • Discuss how project management can be used to sustain your data analytics capability
  • Elaborate how big data can be used to secure the progress of the project
  • Know what analytics should be implemented

Course Outline

Overview to Big Data and Project/Program Management

  • Project management definition
  • Program management definition
  • What is big data?
  • Big data analytics
  • Business case for big data
  • Project management for big data
  • Valuable insights
  • Business value delivery of big data
  • How does Project Management fit in?
  • Common misconceptions
  • Does big data analytics fits your client?

Project Management Process

  • Types of processes
  • Big data analytics must be constructed as a comprehensive environment in order to operate well
  • Evaluation have some value but may be off significantly
  • Planning
  • Performing
  • Monitoring & Controlling
  • Closing

Where Does Big Data Analytics expertise is Required?

  • Less allocation of Project, Program and Portfolio Management
  • Project lifecycle
  • Stakeholders and organizational influences
  • Corporation process assets
  • Project management processes
  • Project management wisdom

Introduction to Big Data Management

  • Data management and big data
  • Big data management applications
  • Why big data and data management are colliding
  • Business and technology
  • Inspirations behind big data management

Big Data Challenges

  • Information lifecycle management
  • Data centralization
  • Data decentralization
  • Driving value
  • Data focus
  • Thinking big data
  • Application architecture
  • Infrastructure and network
  • Training
  • Unique skills
  • Data architecture
  • Data governance
  • Metrics and KPIs
  • BU compliance

The Status of Big Data Management

  • State of performances of Big Data Management
  • Managing big data strategies
  • Effectiveness of big data management

Data Science Methods

  • Data mining
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Information retrieval
  • Statistical analysis
  • Gap analysis

Technical Practices for Big Data Management

  • Different forms and structures of data types
  • Storage policies for big data
  • Scales of big data that need to be managed

Analytic Exercises and Big Data Management

  • Techniques of managing big data for analytics
  • Big data management for real-time big data
  • Multi-layer architectures for big data management and analytics

Applicable Programming Languages

  • R
  • Python
  • SQL
  • SAS
  • Java
  • High-level data mining suite
  • UNIX shell/awk/sed
  • C/C++
  • Pig Latin, Hive and other Hadoop-based languages

Corporation Practices for Big Data Management

  • Big Data ownership
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Big data management configuration
  • Collaborative practices around big data management

Top Priorities of Big Data Management

  • Demand business value
  • Applying big data to generate new applications and improve the old ones
  • Get training
  • Collaboration is a key
  • Be careful the proliferation of siloed Big Data sources
  • Describe positions for big data in designing and constructing for data warehousing and enterprise data management
  • Re-analyzing your existing portfolio of data platforms and data management methods
  • Choosing data platforms that have exclusive support for big data
  • Welcoming all types of big data, not just relational big data
  • Creating and applying a technology strategy for big data management

Choosing the Best Strategy

  • Agile
    • Scrumming
    • RAD
    • Customer-Driven
    • Stanford Advanced Project Management
  • Waterfall and Hybrids
    • Test-incorporated
    • Requirements

Organizational Leadership

  • Organizational transformation
  • Reflective leadership and continuous interaction
  • Leadership as a collective, interactive exercise
  • Transformational leadership
  • Organizational learning
  • Ambidextrous organizations

Tonex Hands-On Sample Workshop

  • Generating a repeatable pattern for a client’s Big Data Analytics
in a focus field that motivates you and your team:
  • Vertical-certain system
  • Functional and support systems
  • Networking and structure
  • Applications and incorporation
  • Research projects
  • Investments
  • Legal compliance
  • Flexible language and distinct interactions
  • People and social life
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Education, employment and recruitment
  • Resume this practices and dialogue through social media and online applications

Big Data For Project and Program Managers Training

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