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Industrial robots are heavy-duty machines designed to automate the manufacturing process.

Industrial robots are equipped with at least one robotic arm, programmable machines designed to perform both repetitive activities that add little value to production processes.

Industrial robots also excel at activities that are dangerous for people or require high precision and high speed on a constant basis.

Today, there are over 3.4 million industrial robots in the world, setting the global robot-to-human ratio in the manufacturing industry at one to 71. According to a McKinsey survey, industrial companies plan to invest one quarter of their capital into robotics over the next five years — a market that’s projected to hit $43 billion in revenue by 2027.

Today, industrial robots are largely involved in automotive manufacturing — rugged machines dominating assembly lines without a coffee break.

As they become smaller and more accurate, it’s predicted that robots will also enter the electronics manufacturing sector to assist with building complex things like smartphones or microchips.

By 2025, it’s expected that the demand for electronics manufacturing robots will match the automotive industry.

As robotics technology continues to proliferate, many experts in this arena believe the next step is giving robots the ability to apply these things to learn on their own.

For example, a robot can currently be programmed to pick up and place items, but in the future, it will combine machine vision with machine learning to figure out its own programming through trial and error.

Another major trend that will continue into the future, are collaborative robots. This reflects the focus of the industry toward creating robots that are simpler, easier to program, and able to integrate into current processes.

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