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Medical Writing and Editing Training

Medical writing and editing training provides with the approaches to write and articulate medical matters in an understandable and precise way that not only correctly transfers the message but also is interesting and influential.

Medical writing is a demonstration of science and art. The art of medical writing is to understand and exhibit scientific data as unambiguously as possible to fit the certain target audience’s background in a wide range of understanding level including patients, the general public, physicians and/or regulatory agencies.


Most of the time the shortage of clarity and coherency leads to a poor scientific paper, rather than the poor scientific core it bears. Weak writing can cost you a lot, as it results in a longer review process of regulatory submissions.

Medical writing and editing training teaches you various types of medical writing styles, and how to write well. We will evaluate multiple forms of writing such as abstracts, regulatory documents, and patient education materials. We will also include ethical concerns that you might face while writing medical matters. You will earn an in-depth understanding of efficient documents. In addition, you will learn how to maintain your writing free of medical phrases and usual grammatical mistakes, while making sure the scientific integrity of your work.

Learn About

  • The scope and role of the medical writing
  • Fundamentals of effective medical writing
  • Flow and cohesiveness
  • Regulatory, marketing, and drug promotion processes
  • The clinical investigation report
  • Publication writing style
  • Review process


Medical writing and editing training is a 2-day course designed for:

  • Medical journalists
  • Medical editors
  • Medical marketing team personnel
  • All individuals who are interested to become a medical writer

What Will You Learn?

  • Overview of Medical Writing
  • Types of Medical Writing
  • Medical Writing Demands
  • Domain knowledge
  • General Knowledge and Skills
  • Successful Medical Writers Competencies
  • Scientific Documents Writing Process
  • Fundamental Writing Skills
  • Getting Ready to Write
  • Manuals and Reports
  • Editing and Proofreading
  • How to Write SOPs and Regulatory Documents
  • Writing for the Healthcare Websites
  • Regulatory Documents
  • Marketing Documents
  • TONEX Hands-on Workshop

Medical Writing and Editing Training

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