Communication Skills Training

The benefits of effective communication are substantial – both in our careers and the personal landscape.

Communication skills spill over into many diverse areas to help us be better at what we do.

For example, good communication feeds presentation skills, which enable us to present ourselves as confident, likable, approachable and credible. Communication aids relationship skills, which enable us to build friendships, work with colleagues and interact with family members.

Excellent communication is important for developing leadership skills, which enable us to communicate information effectively in small groups or with large audiences and underscores our ability to influence others. Interaction skills are also related to communication efficacy, which helps us to improve our communication in a wide range of forms, from the simple small talk to the employment interview for the job of a lifetime.

Tonex offers training in both spoken and written communication skills.

Our Oral Communication Skill Training course helps participants improve the skills they already have and develop the ones that they don’t. The purpose of Oral Communication Skills training covers speaking and presentational skills. By the end of the course, participants will be able to deliver an effective speech.

The Tonex Technical Communication courses focus on the tools to transfer scientific, engineering or other technical information to others. Participants learn the requirements for planning, creating and developing technical documentation from the initial step to the end. Additionally, attendees learn how to recognize their audience and their needs, identify suitable formatting and framework for documents, enhance the precision and arrangement of their writing, review it, and edit and proofread their own work more efficiently.

Our popular Medical Writing and Editing Training emphasizes methods to write and interpret medical issues in an understandable and concise way that not only properly carries the message but also is interesting and persuasive.

If you prefer a comprehensive hands-on communication skills course, our Technical Writing Training course is for you. Technical Writing Training is a practical hands-on course enabling you with the skills to assess the needs of stakeholders, users and other players to create  technical and specifications documents.

Communication Skills Training Courses by Tonex

Our technical Communication Skills courses are applicable to anyone involved in writing or contributing to the preparation and management of any technical document or specifications.

Oral Communication Skills Training is for all the professionals working in the federal and private sectors interested in improving their overall communication skills such as public speaking, one-on-one communication, and communicating vigorously and persuasively.

Medical writing and editing training is a 2-day course designed for:

  • Medical journalists
  • Medical editors
  • Medical marketing team personnel
  • All individuals who are interested in becoming a medical writer

Why Choose Tonex?

To do your job well, you need seamless human relations skills. This consists of discussing problems, requesting information, explaining projects and especially interacting with others in team environments. Excellent oral and written communication skills help in being understood well and in helping understand the needs of those around you.

Our instructors are excellent in their areas of expertise — and they have real world experience.

Contact us for more information, questions, comments. And remember, we will work with your organization to tailor courses specifically to your needs.

Communication Skills