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MIL STD 750 and 883 Training Course

MIL STD 750 and 883 Training course helps you understand MIL-STD 883 Test Method Standard Microcircuits and MIL-STD 750 Test Method Standard for Semiconductor Devices. We will teach you the concepts, history, test methods, applications, and requirements of these two military mandated standards. While these two standards are only mandated for the military and defense contracts, many civilian corporates also have adopted these standards due to the great guidelines they provide. Plus, if there is a tiny opportunity to sign a contract with the agencies that do have to comply with MIL-STD 750/883, these civilian organizations would prefer to have their products already designed and assembled based on these standards, rather than re-designing or adjusting their entire processes to fulfill the military requirements.

MIL STD 750 and 883 Training course

Why Do You Need MIL STD 750/883?

  • To indicate appropriate situations accessible in the laboratory that provides test results comparable to the real field conditions, and to acquire duplicating the results of tests.
  • To explain in one comprehensive standard all of the test methods of a parallel character that currently show up in the diverse joint-services semiconductor device qualifications, so that the methods may remain coherent and consequently result in maintenance of equipment, man-hours, and testing facilities. In order to accomplish such result, it is crucial to adapt each of the general tests to various kinds of instruments.
  • The environmental, physical, and electrical testing of devices should be performed to the components not enclosed by an accepted military sheet-form standard, specification sheet, or drawing.

The MIL-STD-750/883 set up consistent methodology, controls, and protocols for testing microelectronic tools appropriate for application inside military and aerospace electronic systems comprising of fundamental environmental tests to identify endurance to harmful impacts of natural components and circumstances around military and space missions; mechanical and electrical tests; workmanship and educational protocols to make sure a consistent quality, reliability, and sustainability levels are in place for all of those devices. The term “devices” in these standards refer to the items such as monolithic, multichip, film and hybrid microcircuits, microcircuit arrays, semiconductors, and the elements from which the circuits and arrays are formed.

Learn About

  • The applications, scope, and numbering system of MIL STD 750/833
  • Terminology
  • Definitions, symbols, and acronyms
  • General and detailed requirements
  • Environmental tests
  • Mechanical characteristics tests
  • Electrical tests (3000 series)
  • Electrical tests (4000 series)
  • Reliability tests (5000 series)

TONEX Training Format

The TONEX MIL STD 750/883 training course is composed of two sectors of theory and practice. The theoretical material is delivered by lectures and then the participants will exercise what they have learned through labs, group activities, and hands-on workshops by practicing with real-world projects.


MIL STD 750/883 Training is a 3-day course designed for:

  • Testing engineers
  • Testing technicians
  • Instrumental engineers
  • Quality engineers for instruments
  • Troubleshooting team personnel, involved in resolving the microcircuits and semiconductors
  • Professionals involved in developing and overseeing the test methods of microcircuits and semiconductors
  • The individuals who work with microcircuits and semiconductors

What Will You Learn?

Below are the major topics will be covered in this training:

  • Overview of MIL STD 750/883
  • MILD STD 750
  • Introduction
  • Application Documents
  • General Requirements
  • Considerations
  • Test Methods
  • MIL STD 883
  • Introduction
  • Application Documents
  • General Requirements
  • Test Methods
  • TONEX Sample Workshop

MIL STD 750 and 883 Training Course

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