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Oral Communication Skills Training

Oral Communication Skills Training covers the essential and necessary skills critical to oral communication. We will teach you how to improve the skills you already have and how to identify and develop those you don’t have.

Oral communication accomplishes various common and discipline-oriented educational operations. You will learn how to speak via a number of skills you can use. Speaking is the way of communication mostly used to present opinions, make arguments, deliver descriptions, convey information, and make impressions upon others. You need to speak well in your personal life, workplace, social interactions, and political endeavors. You will attend in meetings, perform presentations, make discussions and arguments, and cooperate with others.

For successful communication, you need more than the official ability to present effectively and a set of formulaic expressions. Successful communication is context- reliant, and reflects the tenacious and influential role of language and communication in human society. Oral Communication Skills Training will help you become master in all of these.

Communication is a vigorous interactive process that includes the effective transmission of truths, opinions, thoughts, feelings and values. It is dynamic because it engages a variation of forces and actions communicating over time. The word process means that communication occurs as a flow through an order or set of steps. The word process also means a state of flux and change. The interactions of people involved in communication continuously grow and develop.


Oral Communication Skills Training is a 2-day course designed for all the professionals working in the federal and private sectors interested in improving their overall communication skills such as public speaking, one-on-one communication, and communicating vigorously and persuasively.

What Will You Learn?

  • Overview of Oral Communication Skills
  • Principles of Effective Oral Communication
  • Communications Perspectives
  • Communication Styles and Approaches
  • Fundamental Listening Skills
  • Oral Communication Skills
  • TONEX Hands-On Group Activity Sample

Oral Communication Skills Training


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