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Robotics engineering is a growing field that entails a combination of data analysis, engineering, and computer science.

People working in these fields use software and mechanical hardware to design, build, and test robots and their related machine-based processes.

According to IEEE, a robot is an autonomous machine capable of sensing its environment, carrying out computations to make decisions, and performing actions in the real world.

But although robots vary in how they sense, compute, and act, they all operate in a similar way: Their sensors feed measurements to a controller or computer, which processes them and then sends control signals to motors and actuators.

A robot is constantly repeating this sensing-computing-acting cycle, in what roboticists call a “feedback loop.” So you could say that feedback is the technique that makes machines “smart,” and almost every robot uses feedback.

Another important thing to understand about robots is that although autonomous, the level of autonomy differs from robot to robot. Some robots are controlled remotely by human operators. Other robots can run without any kind of human intervention. And a large number of robots rely on both remote control and autonomous behavior.

Robotic technology has a significant influence on the way we work and live. Intelligent systems are improving areas from education to entertainment and healthcare to farming. Robotics has the potential to make things safer, more efficient and of a higher quality.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers a good selection of courses in Robotic Engineering designed to equip professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the field.

This comprehensive, cutting-edge training covers the latest advancements in robotics technology and applications, ensuring participants are prepared to drive innovation in this rapidly evolving industry.

These hard-to-find courses include:

Industrial Robotics Essentials Training

Robotics Engineering for Managers

Biomedical Engineering and Robotic Engineering Training

Swarmia Workshop Training

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Training

Tonex Robotic Engineering courses are designed for engineers, technologists, researchers, and anyone else wanting to gain expertise in robotic engineering.

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