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Good leadership has evolved to better reflect the changes in employees and technology in today’s workplace.

The hyperactive global business environment has given rise to a new crop of leaders that believe organizational development lies in the professional development of employees.

To become an effective manager in the modern business world, you should be aware of this evolution of leadership. For one thing, leadership has become more collaborative and people-oriented. Employee input is often viewed as integral to decision-making processes and employee engagement is an important principle of human resource management.

It wasn’t that long ago that autocratic leadership was the norm and remote employment was just an abstract idea.

The pandemic changed all that as well as technological advances that helped create a new kind of worker illustrated primarily by millennials.

The rise of remote working options, especially in present circumstances, has also shaped leadership as we know it. As micromanagement is relatively difficult in remote settings, trust in employees has become a significant tenet of the change in leadership.

Consequently,withtoday’s world shaped by technological and commercial innovations and disruptions, efficient leadership has had to become more flexible and adaptable.

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