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Length: 2 Days
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Voice Over LTE Training

Why Choose TONEX for your LTE Training?

Voice Over LTE Training – Via Generic Access provides overview of VoLGA network architecture, protocols, interfaces, operational procedures, QoS and Security.


Voice over LTE Training

This unique course provides technical details on VoLGA Service Requirements, Architecture, Protocols, Control and Signaling, VoLGA reference points, VoLGA security, VoLGA QoS, VoLGA charging and more.

VoLGA Forum was formed in March 2009 in an effort to define a set of specifications for enabling delivery of voice services over 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) access networks based on the current 3GPP Generic Access Network (GAN) standard.

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TE Training Courses by TONEX

Course NameLength
LTE Training 101, Long Term Evolution Training – Fundemantals 2 Days
LTE Training, Long Term Evolution Crash Course Bootcamp 4 Days
Voice Over LTE Training – Via Generic Access 1 Days
VoLTE Training – Voice over LTE Training Course – Bootcamp Style3 Days

Who Should Attend

Engineers and Non-Enginners


Upon Completion of this course, the attendees will learn:

  • What Voice over LTE via Generic Access or VoLGA is
  • Concepts behind What Voice over LTE via Generic Access architecture, network nodes, protocols, interfaces, reference points, QoS, Security and Charging


  • Executive Summary of Voice over LTE via Generic Access (VoLGA)
  • VoLGA Overview
  • VoLGA Service Requirements
  • 3GPP Generic Access Network (GAN) Standard
  • VoLGA Architecture
  • VoLGA Reference Points
  • VoLGA Functional Entities
  • VoLGA Signaling and Control
  • Incoming and Outgoing Voice Calls over LTE
  • Concepts behind Circuit Switched Fallback (CSFB)
  • Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (SR-VCC)
  • Operational Scenarios in VoLGA
  • Registering to the Network
  • Handover
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Policy and Charging Rule Function (PCRF)
  • Security
  • Global LTE Roaming with VoLGA
  • Emergency Calls

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