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Climate Communication and Public Engagement Training by Tonex

Trustworthy AI is an approach to AI development that prioritizes safety and transparency for the people who interact with it.

Developers of trustworthy AI understand that no model is perfect, and take steps to help customers and the general public understand how the technology was built, its intended use cases and its limitations.

Trustworthy AI models are tested for safety, security and mitigation of unwanted bias as well as comply with consumer and privacy protection laws.

Transparency is also an important element of trustworthy AI models, which should provide information such as accuracy benchmarks or a description of the training dataset to various audiences including regulatory authorities, developers and consumers.

In a field moving as fast as artificial intelligence, identifying the characteristics of a trustworthy AI system is difficult. Attributes like safety, accuracy and fairness can be tested mathematically and with certainty in some AI applications but not all AI use cases demonstrate the same attributes can be difficult if not impossible to guarantee in other applications of AI.

One important tenet that AI leaders need to uphold is the emphasis on fair and quality data.

The data used to train and develop an AI system should be based on sound data standards including data that is thoroughly analyzed and adjusted for: biases, bad data and missing data. Sound, appropriate proxies should be used for data that is unobtainable or missing.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Fundamentals of Trustworthy AI, a 2-day course designed to equip participants with the essential knowledge and skills to understand, develop, and implement AI systems that prioritize trustworthiness.

Through a comprehensive curriculum, participants will explore the foundational principles, methodologies, and best practices essential for building AI solutions that prioritize transparency, fairness, privacy, and security.

Additionally, Tonex offers over six dozen AI and Machine Learning-related courses, such as:

AI for Managers

Introduction to AI Regulatory Frameworks

Introduction to AI Safety, Security and Quality

Quantum and Artificial Intelligence Technologies for Next Generation Armament Systems 

Zero Trust AI Infrastructure Training

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