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VoLTE Training, Voice over LTE Training, Maximizing VoLTE Performance and Security

VoLTE Training covers all aspects of VoLTE planning, deployment, performance and management.  VoLTE plays as a crucial service for mobile operators and eventually terminate legacy GSM, CDMA and other 3GPP network infrastructures.

Importantly, operators are expecting to position VoLTE as a premium service and a key differentiator against over-the-top VoIP service providers.

Successful deployment of VoLTE is a key principal to VoLTE implementation.

VoLTE training course  covers all aspect of related LTE and IMS for delivery of voice and multimedia service capabilities.

Learn about key elements of LTE/EPS architecture, QoS and bearers, security, performance along with IMS architecture and key protocols to support VoLTE. Learn about:

  • VoLTE (Voice over LTE) key principles
  • VoLTE vs. traditional voice over IP (VoIP)
  • LTE, IMS and VoLTE essentials
  • IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) framework supporting VoLTE services
  • IMS core network architecture
  • LTE voice and multimedia services
  • CS Fallback, CSFB
  • VoLTE signaling
  • End-to-end LTE and IMS signaling procedures
  • VoLTE UE initial attach and registration
  • IMS registration
  • Bearer and QoS control
  • SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and SDP for voice and non-voice related services
  • VoLTE performance
  • VoLTE capacity planning
  • Key VoLTE call scenarios
  • VoLTE engineering and deployment considerations
  • VoLTE security

VoLTE Training Course Modules include:

  • LTE, EPC and IMS
  • Evolved Packet Core (EPC)
  • IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)
  • IMS key elements for VoLTE
  • Diameter VoLTE support in IMS and HSS
  • Voice and video over LTE/EPC
  • LTE, EPC and IMS Network Architecture
  • VoLTE Registration
  • IMS registration
  • VoLTE Call Setup
  • Dedicated bearer setup
  • End-to-end signaling
  • VoLTE interworking considerations
  • VoLTE Deployment
  • RCS and Joyn
  • SMS over IMS
  • QoS framework
  • QoS classes/QCI
  • Role of PCC architecture
  • PCRF, PCEF and AS interfaces: Gx, Rx
  • VoLTE to VoLTE call setup
  • VoLTE to PSTN/GSM/3G interworking
  • VoLTE to WiFi interworking
  • Voice Call Continuity
  • SRVCC/eSRVCC network architecture
  • Emergency call support
  • VoLTE security considerations
  • LTE, EPC, IMS security framework
  • LTE/EPC security
  • IMS authentication

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