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Officially launched in the U.S. in April 2019, 5G services continue to expand monthly.

The key features that 5G offers include the ability to handle up to 1,000 times greater data volumes and up to 100 times more connected devices than predecessor 4G. It can also reduce communications latency and enable up to ten-year battery life for low power devices.

A 5G course is especially beneficial to organizations still on the bump over 5G technology. 5G courses help to better understand not only the importance of 5G for monetary growth, but also the big 5G picture of its elements as well as likely future developments as visualized by 5G’s overseer 3GPP.

One of the first things to understand about 5G is that this technology uses three different wave spectrums — low, middle and high. Low band has been about the same as 4G. Mid-band is the most commonly used in countries outside the U.S. And high band is a short-range frequencies, requiring more towers, but is blazingly fast.

Small cell base stations, a major feature of 5G networks, are designed to blend in with the existing landscape, take up minimal real estate, and are distributed in clusters in device-dense areas to provide continuous connection and complement the macro network that provides wide-area coverage.

5G macro cells use multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) antennas, which are deployed  in great numbers and enable more people to simultaneously connect to the network and maintain high sector throughput. 5G wireless mobile networks utilize small cells as well a vast quantity of underground fiber networks.

The 5G RAN element is best suited for less densely populated areas with more dispersed infrastructure and less network congestion. This is because 5G RAN focuses on lower-band radio frequencies, which carry less data, but cover a larger area.  

Some people were initially worried about potential health risks from 5G because it uses higher band, shorter frequency electromagnetic radiation. However, there is no scientific evidence that these radio waves constitute a health risk.

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