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5G security professionals are not bashful explaining how the risk of more sophisticated botnets, privacy violations and faster data extraction can escalate with 5G technology.

Attention to 5G security is crucial for all agencies and organizations because 5G’s greater attack surface due to billions of more IoT connected devices make for larger and more serious attacks possible.

Additionally, analysts confirm that many IoT devices are being manufactured with minimal or non-existent 5G security measures. What this means is that cybercriminals could intercept and change sensitive communication over 5G. Unsecured IoT devices could also easily allow for man-in-the-middle attacks.

The IoT situation is considered a big deal by 5G security experts. Many feel there needs to be a new regulatory body to oversee IoT devices – something akin to how the FCC grades radio systems.

However, it may come down to incentives like market monopoly or logistics support for complying brands to effectively regulate the IoT market. This especially holds true for low-end IoT brands, which just may not be able to afford the added cost of production when it comes to these changes.

For organizations contemplating a switch to 5G networks, a commonly recommended tip is to use a VPN when connecting any device to the internet. Additionally, be sure to set up complex passwords and update computers, phones and other devices regularly.

Setting up antivirus software on critical devices is also highly recommended.

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