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Advanced SATCOM Training Course, Advanced Satellite Communications Training

Advanced SATCOM Training Course, Advanced Satellite Communications Training is a 3-day Training Workshop covering advanced topics in Satellite Communications Technology and Networking.

Participants will learn about  advanced satellite communications technology  and networking for both commercial and military applications. Principles behind current state-of-the-art and future satellite communications applications,  systems engineering, design of components, subsystems, system, networking, topology, operations and maintenance. Advanced topics on VSAT, IP networking over satellite, Voice and Video over IP, SIP, IMS, imaging, Geoposotioning and tactical intelligence.

For Detailed Course Agenda, CLICK HERE.

List of Topics and Subjects Covered:

  • Fundamentals of Satellite
  • Commercial and Military Application and Systems
  • Satellite Systems Engineering
  • Satellite Systems and Subsystems
  • Space Segment, Ground Segment
  • Satellite Orbit Configurations
  • Satellite Network Architecture
  • Point-to-Point, Broadcast, Mesh, Star, Hub-Spoke
  • Frequency Spectrum Allocations
  • List of Commercial and Military Frequency Bands
  • Specialized Systems
  • Satellite Network Architectures
  • IP over Satellite Technologies
  • VSAT Networks
  • HPA, SSPA (GaN), Solids state, LNA, Up and down converters
  • Microwave Link Engineering
  • Spacecraft and Repeater
  • Spacecraft, Ground and Mobile Antennas
  • Modulation, Multiple Access, and Impairments
  • Building block of Multiple Access Techniques
  • FDMA, DAMA, Bandwidth-on-Demand, TDMA, CDMA, W-CDMA, Random Access, OFDM
  • Earth Stations, Gateways and Network Technology
  • Launch Vehicles and Services
  • Satellite Communications Link Calculations
  • Satellite Capacity Planning
  • Satellite Traffic Engineering
  • Satellite Operations and Organization
  • The Satellite Control System
  • Future Trends

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