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Overview of Repair Station Operators (FAA Part 145) Training by Tonex

There’s little doubt that emerging technologies are reshaping the future of aviation.

Those technologies include robotics, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, unmanned aircraft systems and the push for hybrid and electric airplanes.

The vast investment in artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data could be seen as a promising way of increasing safety, efficiency and sustainability. These technologies can help improve aviation infrastructure and airspace utilization.

Additionally, alternative fuels can significantly change the current scenario of aviation in support of the environmental protection.

Biometrics also has a role to play in aviation.

Biometric technology, such as facial recognition and fingerprint scanning, can revolutionize airport security protocols and streamline the boarding process significantly.

There’s even something called palm vein recognition – another innovative biometric technology that is increasingly used in airport security and passenger processing.

For example, Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar, has implemented a biometric-enabled self-service system known as “Smart Travel,” which uses palm vein scanning as a key component. The palm vein recognition system verifies the passenger’s identity, allowing them to proceed through all stages without needing physical documents or manual checks.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers four dozen courses in Aviation-related courses that cover a myriad topics, such as:

  • Accident investigation
  • Flight safety systems
  • Space law
  • Communications
  • Rocket operations
  • Environmental testing
  • Commuter and on demand operations

Some of our popular Aviation courses include:

Overview of Airport Ground Operations for Safety Inspectors

Advanced Aircraft Accident Investigation Workshop

FAA System Safety Workshop 

Introduction to Space Law

System Safety Analysis 

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