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An edge computing connection will likely be necessary to accomplish all the things engineers desire with 6G technology.

Edge computing is especially desirable to enable the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) that require ultra-low latency and ultra-high reliability such as intelligent transportation systems and smart factories.

Edge computing is an important technology because it pushes computation resources to the edge of networks, away from cloud centers and close to data sources.

Experts in this field believe that edge intelligence derives from the convergence of edge computing with the exploitation of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies on distributed edge infrastructures and terminal devices.

The big benefit of edge intelligence is how it fundamentally shortens data transmission delay, protects data privacy, and improves network security, which promotes the implementation of 6G-enabled IIoT.

6G is also expected to make greater use of cloud technology.

Cloud computing is the act of running workloads within clouds, while edge computing is the act of running workloads on edge devices.

While the two concepts are related, they are different. Clouds are places where data can be stored or applications can run. They are software-defined environments created by data centers or server farms.

Edge computing is separate from clouds because it’s time sensitive and the data volume collected is too much to send unaltered to a cloud.

For organizations, the benefits of cloud computing are considerable. The cloud delivers more flexibility and reliability, increased performance and efficiency, and helps to lower IT costs.

Additionally, experts in this area contend that cloud computing improves innovation, allowing organizations to achieve faster time to market and incorporate AI and machine learning use cases into their strategies.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers 6G Cloud & Edge Computing Training, a 2-day course that enables participants to understand how 6G is enabling the integration of diverse technologies such as AI, robotics, cloud, and edge computing.

Participants learn about:

  • Basics of Cloud Computing
  • Edge Computing basics & Use-Cases
  • Benefits of Edge Computing & Types of Edge
  • Edge Deployment Modes / Solutions
  • 5G / 6G Edge Computing
  • Fundamentals of Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC)
  • Mobile Edge Computing Fundamentals
  • Workshop/ Case studies and more

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All told, Tonex offers more than two dozen courses in 6G technology. These courses include:

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How to Monetize and Sell 6G Products and Services

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